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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things I Heart: Techy Tools

This day has kicked my butt, so I have decided to kick right back with a new series... Things I heart!

From time to time I plan to share about things, tools, people, places, links, etc. that I heart.

Tonight's Things I heart is all about techy tools. So here are five techy tools I love to love ;)

5. Barnes & Noble's Free Nook Software on my PC and Android phone. Truth be told I only downloaded it because I was dying to get my hands on Gooseberry Patch's Homemade Christmas E Book, but I am finding that I love the ability to read everything from Pride and Prejudice to the latest Nicholas Sparks while waiting on appointment. And I love, love, love having access to a cookbook on my phone in the grocery store and laptop in the kitchen.

4. Google Reader. This one is a given for some, but worth a mention for the time it saves me. It keeps me organized and able to (ideally) keep up with all my bloggy buds by allowing me to categorize them and put them in folders along with doing the same for all my news feeds and Google alerts.

3. Hootsuite. Hootsuite helps me organize my online life. I can view, post and schedule posts to my facebook profile, facebook fan pages and twitter accounts for personal and professional content all at one time. It also plays very nicely with my Android phone which keeps me up to date while I am on the go.

2. Evernote. I heart Evernote. It is amazing. It is another tool that is accessible online, on my desktop and on my phone--all of which sync with each other to keep me sane and up to date. Evernote's tagline is "Remember Everything" and it helps you do just that. It installs a toolbar on your browser that allows you to bookmark pages, parts of pages or images and tag them for easy recall. It also recognizes text within images! Did I mention all these words and images are taggable and searchable?

Ok, so that is all super cool--especially when researching and sourcing that research... or online shopping or organizing recipes or remembering all those cool craft ideas I want to get to some day... but the way I use it the most is to make to do lists, grocery lists, notes, etc. that I can access by phone, computer or online access.

1. Android Phone. A few weeks ago I ditched my Palm Pixi after she betrayed me one too many times with her little headset mode tantrums. Truth be told, I really should thank her--really. Because of her I found Andie... my Android phone. Andie plays so nicely with #2-5 on this list and helps me keep up with my crazy hectic schedule. From email to Facebook to Evernote to Blogger...Andie just gets me.

So there you go... Five Techy Tools I Heart ;)

What techy tools do you heart?


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