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Monday, October 25, 2010

Super Mommy Secrets: Quality Time with the Kids (Cheerios Blogger Circle)

Today's Super Mommy Secrets comes with a special twist! 

GOODEness Gracious was recently selected to join the Cheerios Blogger Circle, a group of bloggers that discuss relevant topics from time to time.

Cheerios Blogger Circle

Cheerios recently asked “How do you use quality time with your child to ensure the best nourishment for body and mind?” 

So, naturally I turned to all the great Super Mommies on the GOODEness Gracious Facebook Page and asked how all you great mamas get in that quality time with the kiddos.

Super Mommy Leah (and fellow Cheerios Blogger Circle Mama!) shared that this time of year she loves taking her kiddos on farm visits to help teach them where their food comes from.

Super Mommy Terra shares that this can be tough, especially for moms with multiple kids, jobs &/or trying to go back to college ;). It seems like time & money is always an issue. Her daughter LOVES to shop so sometimes she'll take her for a special mommy-daughter window shopping. She shares that they don't have to spend money just enjoy the time out together. Other times, they discuss good books, chat about whatever while fixing dinner together, take a drive through the country or a local park just talking about whatever comes up. The bottom line for Super Mommy Terra is that she thinks any time you're really conversing with your child & learning about them is quality time & you can do that over a coke at Mickey D's or while laughing over crazy costumes on DWTS ;)

Super Mommy Brandy likes to take the kiddos to the zoo, science center, the park or do some mommy and me baking. She shares that her family has "date nights" where either her husband or she will take just one of the kids out to eat wherever they want to go. They also have family movie night every Friday and that's the highlight of the week for the whole family! They make fresh popcorn and have fun drinks.

Super Mommy Jill shares her family takes family bike rides, goes out to dinner (Ci Ci's pizza and games is a favorite) and loves playing family tag at a park.

As for this Super Mommy, I definitely think quality time with Miss Add can be a great opportunity to "ensure the best nourishment for body and mind". 

As a mom, I love to play with my Add. One of our favorite things in the world is to spend time cooking/baking. 

Sometimes the cooking happens in my kitchen...

and sometimes it happens in hers ;)

I like to balance our time between her play and mine.

Play is so important because it is her world. She is the expert. In a world where she is always being taught, it is a place where she can be the teacher. It instills confidence in her and it never fails to teach this Super Mommy a thing or too ;) 

Equally important to this Super Mommy are those precious opportunities to teach Miss Add through the everyday. Whether it is cooking dinner or grocery shopping, engaging Miss Add in the everyday tasks of making her meals creates life skills that will serve her well in life-- all while giving us that precious quality time.

I am so thankful that my mama took the time to teach and really talk to me growing up. I learned early on that my thoughts mattered and were truly valued. I also learned the skills of cooking a home cooked meal and the work ethic of life on the farm by her side.

I grew up in the microwave generation and while this mama loves her microwave, this shift in technology caused many in my generation to not be taught the same cooking skills as our predecessors. 

I want to make sure my Add has the best of both worlds... the skill and knowledge of all that today has to offer with a firm foundation of the basics and the confidence to use both-- all over a nice cup of playdoh tea with mama and Gilbert.

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