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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random: In case you thought I was getting too structured ;)

I have been feeling a little structured here lately... ain't nothin' wrong with it, actually enjoying all the new series and projects... just need to be true to my random self and get some unstructuredness in the mix (see I am going all crazy already makin' up words and stuff ;)

Truth be told, I think they--in their own little way--my lil series/projects help me be a better mama, cook and person.

Super Mommy Secrets is helping me connect with other moms and learn/share all their killer secrets... I am totally in love with this series by the way... Thank you so much for your participation all you Super Mommies!

Things I Heart is helping me focus on and look for things I love and appreciate them more.

FREEZE-O-RAMA has been helping me for months to keep food in the freezer and hot meals on the table.

And, last but not least...my Goode & Gooseberry Project is teaching me sooo much--about myself, about my kitchen, about food and unfortunately about my waistline ;) but more on all that in a minute. This is suppose to be random after all, didn't ya read the title ;)

Random Begins HERE:

Miss Add has discovered Littlest Pet Shop and is in love. I hear "their so cccccuuuuuutttteee" (which is totally cute in and of itself...just sayin') at least 10 times a day.

I was surprised to find that these little boogers are only $2.50 each and sometimes 2 come in a package. Then I discovered they all have little numbers and some of them are like #972 or #1078 and this gots me wondering... are there THAT many of them out there or what is the deal? Did I miss the memo on these things?

All I know is Miss Add plays with them for HOURS and adores each one. Mommy Score!

    I just registered for my first blog conference ever and I am so excited! I am going to Blissdom in a few months and I can't wait. Big time learning curve here. First ever conference on blogging... wonder how it will compare to the agriculture, conservation and disability advocacy conferences I have been to throughout my eclectic career...lol! Did I mention I am having the time of my life?

    When did my baby become this precious little girl who plays with wild imagination with wide-eyed plastic kitty cats? I am convinced someone has stolen some time from me... have you seen this child? Anyone?

    My husband snores really loudly sometimes. Like now. (Sorry Puddie ;) )

    I heart scarves and over-sized earrings...one of my favorite fall fashions... Please don't talk to me about leggings. My thighs and I are so not ready for that come back...just sayin'

    I have been cooking like a mad woman lately. That may or may not have something to do with my legging aversion...that and they are leggings people! We have been there and done that. Are we going to be aquanetting bird's nest bangs again? Truth be told, I am completely fine with folks wearing what they want, I gave up trying to be fashionable years ago.

    Speaking of cooking, as you know, I have been cooking my way through Mom's Favorite Recipes as a part of my Julie & Julia-like project Goode & Gooseberry Project. So, naturally, when I saw Chris Brogan's post Are You Reading Cookbooks?, it caught my attention. It actually called me out on my former cookbook collecting without cooking anything and also his point as it relates to life outside of the kitchen.

    My project of working my way through an entire cookbook has been very rewarding and I am just a month or so in... there is just something about committing to something and seeing it through--having the baking powder save the day or trying and hating an ingredient or finding ways to make it kid friendly or finding creative ways to serve all those calories up to someone else than your thighs or trying a new tool or realizing no matter how hard you try at least one of your pancakes is going to flop instead of flip... I guess I am trying to say that there is something about forcing yourself to just "make it work" in the words of Tim Gunn.

    Brogan's post has made me think about how this could be translated into real life (even beyond the social media strategies he was referring to). There is something about making your mind up to make something happen and see it through. To wing it until you get it. To. Make. It. Happen. Sometimes we try and fail --and I have many times-- but what is life if we don't try.

    I need to paint my toenails.

    I heart aprons. I seriously can't get enough of them. Where do you buy your aprons?

    Do magnets still mess up computers? Probably ought to google that...no reason.

    Not to get in a kitty food debate, but I was a little put off by Upta's recent trip to the vet. When asked what kind of food I was feeding the former barnyard kitten now turned family pet, I innocently said "Kitten MeowMix...I think"... which was scribbled onto a chart and unknowingly into a scarlet letter on my chest apparently. Before leaving, a Drill Sargent assistant/nurse/not sure who she was scolded me for my poor choice of food for my new family member (vet never said a word) and acted as if I fed her poison straight out of the MeowMix bag. I was then lectured that Upta was to have nothing but IAMS or Science Diet from here on out. Got it. Noted. But, if I might suggest, perhaps your cat-side manner could be improved a little...just sayin'

    I got Miss Add the most adorable Christmas dress on sale at JCPenny the other day. I can't wait for you to see it!

    I am really stoked to be chosen to be in Cheerios Blogger Circle :) More on that later ;)

    Well that is it for tonight folks ;) Nite!


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