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Friday, September 11, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Third time is a charm...lol

Well this is my third attempt at blogging tonight... errr now this morning! Lol! (Those of you that know me well know I am the eternal night owl!).

I started blogging a "Favorite Things" blog which will be super cool when I am done with it... but it was taking a lot of effort... so then I decided to do a blog about weight because it has been on my mind a lot lately... but then I decided that was too deep of a subject. So here I am third times charm doing something random with promises that the other two will follow soon!

As I was cleaning on my kitchen tonight thinking that another day has gone by where I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked...I had an awesome idea for yet another blog (a 4th maybe!...lol!). I wondered how cool it would be to blog every night-- or hey every morning-- about what a perfect day I have had (partial fiction of course) ya know... if I really were a Martha Stewart type--sans jail-- and supermom and super wife and super professional all rolled into one! While this would be primarily fiction--to begin with-- I think it would do wonders for my goal setting. Kind of a blog twist to psycho-cybernetics/Lou Tice way of thinking. Envisioning what it would really be like to go to bed feeling like I had accomplished a full day of life vs. constantly focusing on what all I have not gotten to and feel like I never will... hmmm

Random kicks in here...

I really need to organize my zune. I have like 5k plus songs but listen to like 100. I really need to organize it so I can enjoy all this awesome music.

I also need to do some new pics of my little Add. She is growing up so fast!

I am so excited about the children's program Add is involved in at church. She LOVES it and it is so exciting to see her learning about God. She loves all the music and singing too. The other day when we were at the grocery store she starts singing at the top of her lungs "Bible, bible, bible" lol! I haven't heard that one before but she definitely sang it with a sense of confidence!

I am back on the weight-loss wagon. I am really proud that I haven't gained anything since I stopped losing back in the spring... but it is time to kick things up another notch. I am 45lbs down and smaller than I have ever been in my adult life... but I still have a lot to lose to be healthy and I could really use the stress reliever of regular exercise.

Besides... as I discovered last year... this is an AWESOME time of year to lose weight. Everyone claims it is hard to lose weight during the holidays... and it can be... but I truly believe it is the BEST time. If you do it right and set reasonable expectations for yourself, you can still enjoy your holiday meals but not let the rest of the season derail you.

So here is the deal: I am soooo close to breaking 200 and saying goodbye to plus size pants forever and I am going to get there! I have completely switched my shirt wardrobe to regular clothes--yea! But I am in that very awkward in-between plus/regular stage with my pants size... it just depends on the make of the pant. So-- only one thing to do about that! Lose enough to not have to worry about it anymore! I will definitely keep you posted. Not sure if we we will resurrect http://biggestloserbattleofthebulge.blogspot.com/ , but I will definitely chat about it here if nothing else.

We have been rewatching the Gilmore Girls series in our house or "the girls" as Addie calls them! I LOVE this show. We are getting ready to start season 5... my favorite season! I still get so excited when Luke and Lorelai kiss for the first time... sad as that is!

Our couch looks so sad... it really needs some TLC. It was soooo NOT made for life with a toddler.

Crazy as it is... I am considering making a quilt this winter. I am wondering what tea-stained muslin squares with personal embroidered sentiments might look like as a quilt. I have done several little pillows and LOVE every single one. I just think it would mean so much more than going and buying a new quilt for our bed....hmmm... in all my spare time right!

Speaking of projects... Mike and I are thinking we might remodel the kitchen and or bathroom this year. Ahhh the thought of an larger open-concept kitchen or a whirlpool garden tub.... Not to mention the fun of wall demolition!

Toys! What should I do with all of the toys Add has outgrown??? Should I save them for future children or just donate? I swear they multiply when I turn my back...

Well it is now past 2 am... I need to go to bed. I call this random blog to a close. :)

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