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Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a Goode Life: MySTery Solved

I think someone is sending me messages. I mean I have only been on vacation one week and I already think the toys are talking to me... Heaven help me.

Ya see everywhere I go in this house I see the same thing...

Wherever I find "S", "T" is not too far behind... what could God be trying to tell me?  "St-Straighten" up the house? Oh no, maybe my life??? ack!

Be it on the floor or fridge... "S" and "T" everywhere... could it be "st-stick" to my diet???

And even the bathtub!!! Maybe somethin' "st-stinks"??? Lol! That HAS to be for Puddie:) jk!

Everywhere. I swear. On the floor.. in the toybox...on the table... ST. ST. ST!

Could it be that I have a "st-stalker?"


Upon inveSTigation, it is a direct result of this gal:

and her (and Addie's) favorite song...

MySTery solved. Whew. Thought I was losing it...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Go play on your table

These little table and chairs have made our lives a lot easier around here.

It is the perfect place snack time, meal time, craft time, playdoh time...

and playtime

and more playtime

and more playtime

One word of caution though... when you tell a toddler to go play ON her table...

She may just listen to you.

I told a very excited Add to get ready to play with playdoh ON her table and I turned around to see her trying to hoist herself up on to the top of the table so that she would be sure to do what Mommy said...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Goode Christmas Pt 3 of 3

To conclude our 3 part Christmas series: A Very Goode Christmas

We had a very Goode Christmas this year.

There were little girls in grandma-handmade dresses...

There were kisses for Great Grandmas

There were hugs from cousins... and Gilbert too :)

and some pesters from some cousins too ;)

There were lots of laps of  family -- like great uncles

and aunts

There was nativity story listening

and listening

and listening :)

There were sleepy Christmas morning smiles

And sleepy Christmas morning hugs for papaw...

Oh and did I mention presents?

Add handled her task with care :)

And became quite the pro before it was all over.

There were animals with barns

Oh and Grandpa-made toy boxes and

Grandpa-made Barns for books

and books of animals for the barn for books....whew!

There were boots for little girls

And boots for big girls

There were words to build

And trunks to carry them around in...

Gotta love a ride with trunk space!

There were dollies and crayons

And did I mention SUPER WHY???

and more Super Why?

Super Why dolls and

Super Why crowns

And Barbie cars and My Little Ponies

And LOTS of time with family!

Gilbert was there...

And so was Duke!

All and all I would say it was a Goode Christmas!

Add on the other hand would say..."That was a GREAT Christmas!"

Thanks to all our family and friends for making this such a special holiday for our little monkey!

Monday, December 28, 2009

It's a Goode Life: The Christmas Surprise

Our holiday tales continue tonight with part 2 of 3 :) Tonight's focus is a very Puddie Christmas.

I love spending the holidays with Puddie.

He is part child at heart...


and part animated puppet for Miss Addie.

They are quite the pair...

Oh and he is also part...ahem... Superman

I just love a man who can wear an apron and make the noodles to match!...ahhh my hero!

Oh and who can forget... a tutu too...


This year I wanted to get Puddie a special gift... so I had to go into uber stealth ninja mode and order him a very old copy of James Whitcomb Riley's Child Rhymes With Hoosier Pictures

Puddie and I rarely get away with surprise gifts

But this year, I succeeded :)

This book was very special to Mike because it held this very special story...

Puddie's childhood memories are filled with his mama reading this very story to him.

And now he can read it to his lil' monkey from his very own copy :)

Below is the Bear Story thanks to archive.org . To think-- I thought Dr. Seuss could be a challenge from time to time...



W'Y, wunst they wuz a Little Boy went out

In the woods to shoot a Bear. So, he went out

'Way in the grea'-big woods he did. An' he

Wuz goin' along an' goin' along, you know,

An' purty soon he heerd somepin' go "Woo/i!"

1st thataway "Woo-oofi!" An' he wuz skcercd,

He wuz. An' so he runned an' clumbed a tree

A grea'-big tree, he did, a sicka-more tree.

An' nen he heerd it ag'in: an' he looked round,

An' 'fuz a Bear! a greet? -big shore-nuff Bear!

No: 't'uz two Bears, it wuz two grea'-big Bears

One of 'em wuz ist one's & greet? -big Bear.

But they ist ooffwent " Wooh ! " An' here they come

To climb the tree an' git the Little Boy

An' eat him up !

An' nen the Little Boy

He 'uz skeered worse'n ever! An' here come

The grea'-big Bear a-climbin' th' tree to git

The Little Boy an' eat him up Oh, no!

It 'uzn't the Big Bear 'at clumb the tree

It 'uz the Little Bear. So here he come

Climbin' the tree an' climbin' the tree ! Nen when

He git wite clos't to the Little Boy, w'y nen

The Little Boy he ist pulled up his gun

An' shot the Bear, he did, an' killed him dead!

An' nen the Bear he failed clean on down out

The tree away clean to the ground, he did

Spling-splung ! he failed plum down, an' killed him, too!

An' lit wite side o' where the Big Bear's at.

An' nen the Big Bear's awful mad, you bet!

'Cause 'cause the Little Boy he shot his gun

An' killed the Little Bear. 'Cause the Big Bear

He he 'uz the Little Bear's Papa. An' so here

He come to climb the big old tree an' git

The Little Boy an' eat him up ! An' when

The Little Boy he saw the grea'-big Bear

A-comin', he uz badder skeered, he wuz,

Than any time ! An' so he think he'll climb

Up higher 'way up higher in the tree

Than the old Bear kin climb, you know. But he

He can't climb higher 'an old Bears kin climb,

'Cause Bears kin climb up higher in the trees

Than any little Boys in all the Wo-r-r-ld !

An* so here come the grea'-big Bear, he did,

A-climbin' up an' up the tree, to git

The Little Boy an' eat him up! An' so

The Little Boy he clumbed on higher, an' higher,

An* higher up the tree an' higher an' higher

An' higher'n iss-here house is! An' here come

Th' old Bear clos'ter to him all the time!

An' nen first thing you know, when th' old Big Bear

Wuz wite clos't to him nen the Little Boy

1st jabbed his gun wite in the old Bear's motif

An* shot an* killed him dead! No; fergot,

He didn't shoot the grea'-big Bear at all

'Cause they 'uz no load in the gun, you know

'Cause when he shot the Little Bear, w'y, nen

No load 'uz anymore nen in the gun!

But th' Little Boy clumbed higher up, he did

He clumbed lots higher an' on up higher an' higher

An' higher tel he ist can't climb no higher,

'Cause nen the limbs 'uz all so little, *way

Up in the teeny-weeny tip-top of

The tree, they'd break down wiv him ef he don't

Be keerful ! So he stop an' think: An' nen

He look around An' here come th' old Bear!

An' so the Little Boy make up his mind

He's got to ist git out o' there some way!

'Cause here come the old Bear! so clos't, his bref's

Purt 'nigh so's he kin feel how hot it is

Ag'inst his bare feet ist like old " Ring's " bref

When he's ben out a-huntin' an's all tired.

So when th' old Bear's so clos't the Little Boy

Ist gives a grea'-big jump fer Another tree

No! no he don't do that! I tell you what

The Little Boy does: W'y, nen w'y, he Oh, yes-

The Little Boy he finds a hole up there

' Afs in the tree an' climbs in there an' hides

An' nen th' old Bear can't find the Little Boy

At all! But, purty soon th' old Bear finds

The Little Boy's gun 'at's up there 'cause \he gun

It's too tall to tooked wiv him in the hole.

So, when the old Bear find' the gun, he knows

The Little Boy's ist hid 'round somers there,

An' th' old Bear 'gins to snuff an' sniff around,

An' sniff an' snuff around so's he kin find

Out where the Little Boy's hid at. An' nen nen

Oh, yes ! W'y, purty soon the old Bear climbs

'Way out on a big limb a grea'-long limb,

An' nen the Little Boy climbs out the hole

An' takes his ax an' chops the limb off! ... Nen

The old Bear falls k-splunge ! clean to the ground

An' bust an' kill hisse'f plum dead, he did!

An' nen the Little Boy he git his gun

An' 'menced a-climbin' down the tree ag'in

No! no, he didn't git his gun 'cause when

The Bear failed, nen the gun failed, too An' broked

It all to pieces, too! An' nicest gun !

His Pa ist buyed it ! An' the Little Boy

1st cried, he did ; an' went on climbin' down

The tree an' climbin' down -an' climbin' down !

An '-sir ! when he 'uz ptirt'-nigh down, w'y, nen

The old Bear he jumped up ag'in ! an' he

Ain't dead at all ist 'tendin 1 thataway,

So he kin git the Little Boy an' eat

Him up! But the Little Boy he 'uz too smart

To climb clean down the tree. An' the old Bear

He can't climb up the tree no more 'cause when

He fell, he broke one of his he broke all

His legs! an' nen he couldn't climb! But he

Ist won't go'way an' let the Little Boy

Come down out of the tree. An' the old Bear

Ist growls 'round there, he does ist growls an' goes

"Wooh ! woo-ooh ! " all the time ! An' Little Boy

He haf to stay up in the tree all night

An' 'thout no supper neether! On'y they

Wuz apples on the tree! An' Little Boy

Et apples ist all night an' cried an' cried!

Nen when 'tuz morning th' old Bear went " Wooh ! "

Ag'in, an' try to climb up in the tree

An' git the Little Boy. But he can't

Climb t'save his soul, he can't ! An' oh ! he's mad /

He ist tear up the ground ! an' go ' c Woo-ooh ! "

An' Oh, yes ! purty soon, when morning's come

All light so's you kin see, you know, w'y, nen

The old Bear finds the Little Boy's gun, you know,

'At's on the ground. (An' it ain't broke at all

I ist said that ! ) An' so the old Bear think

He'll take the gun an' shoot the Little Boy:

But Bears they don't know much 'bout shootin' guns:

So when he go to shoot the Little Boy,

The old Bear got the other end the gun

Ag'in' his shoulder, 'stid o' th' other end-

So when he try to shoot the Little Boy,

It shot the Bear, it did an' killed him dead !

An' nen the Little Boy clumb down the tree

An' chopped his old woolly head off: Yes, an' killed

The other Bear ag'in, he did an' killed

All boff \hz bears, he did an' tuk 'em home

An' cooked 'em, too, an' et 'em !

An' that's all.

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