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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Mommy Secrets: Kitchen Tips & Tools

This week I had a revelation... it was called the Pampered Chef Micro-Cooker... 

Which most of you know--mainly because when I find something I like I can't shut-up about it...just sayin'

The fact that I have been missing this magical wonder all these years that makes everything from boiling sweet taters...

To cookin' up my seasoned ground beef in-- well, a micro-snap..  gots me wonderin'...

The discovery of this little gem gots me to thinkin' about what other kitchen tools and tips I have been missin' out on all this time and how many other mamas are too?!

So, I sent out a call to all those Super Mommies out there on the GOODEness Gracious Facebook Page and they began spillin' the beans!

Super Mommy Brandy likes the versatility of her tongs.

Super Mommy Kim cuts down on prep time with her food processor. (We all know I give my food processor dirty looks... perhaps I could learn a thing or two from Kim?)

Super Mommy Heather hearts her KitchenAid Mixer.

Super Mommy Crystal goes to her favorite Emeril Skillet and chopped garlic-Yum!

Super Mommy Terra loves her iron skillet, Mix n' Chop and Micro-Cookers!

Super Mommy Carrie goes to a good, sharp chopping knife. She also uses only bar mop towels so that no matter what she wipes up the towels go in the washer with some bleach to make clean up a snap!--LOVE this idea!!!

Super Mommy Leslie loves her Pampered Chef Garlic Press. Leslie shares that she doesn't even have to peel the garlic!

Super Mommy Kebra goes to her mama's recipes and her Pampered Chef Forged Cutlery and Pans.

Thanks so much for the awesome ideas and tool suggestions ladies!

Now... what about this FREEZE-o-RAMA Mama? Well, like I said... I have learned that I have plenty to learn... but as of now-- these are the things I can't get enough of... or you could say--Things I Heart ;)

(Prepare yourself for a little series cross over here... you can handle it, I believe in you...)

5. My Good Cook Can Opener. I love that it makes a lid reusable lid with no sharp edges.  I heart it. I just do. I will tear my kitchen apart to find it vs. using the other one...which I should have just gotten rid of years ago.

(Pardon my lack of focus in the pic-- hey these days I am just glad if my pics are the only thing that aren't focused...just sayin')

4. My Microplane Grater/Zester. Love this for fresh grated parm, orange/lemon zest or a little fresh nutmeg anyone?

3. My Pampered Chef Mix n' Chop. I would go on and on here... but I already have--so here it is in case you missed it...

2. My Micro-Cooker-- In case you missed it, scroll to the top of this post ;)

1. My Smartpot Crockpot. Because what busy mom doesn't adore her Crockpot...and a programmable one at that. Now, if they'd just make me a Crockpot that lets me program from my Android phone, I'd be all set!

Please ignore the food splatters... She was 4 hours in on a lasagna and not exactly at her close-up worthy best...just sayin'

So, did we cover all the tips and tools out there?

What are your secret must haves in the kitchen?

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