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Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Confessions : /

Confession time.  I got some stuff to come clean on : P

Confession #1

I went back to tar-je tonight.  No--Addie did not go through 2 boxes of diapers in 2 days ;)-- if she did, this post would be "I took Addie to the Doctor today".

Nope... I had to go back on a mission for Aunt Lou and Grandma... They wanted the 3 Super Why characters I didn't buy during my last visit.  Remember those Target Marketers...ya see how powerful they are?  They got two other people over a hundred miles away in their grasp now.  Down right dangerous I tell ya.

So now we got Wonder Red

And Super Why

And Alpha Pig

and Princess Presto

And we are officially ready for our Super Story Book Adventure...come Christmas-- which---errr leads me to my 2nd confession.

Confession #2
Christmas gift pictured here to the left--Tinker bell Hopper.  Purchased not more than 2 days ago... is already in the 2 year old's possession.

I am weak. Sue me.   I gave it to her because... because...because: --ohhh multiple choice--

 a.) She was wanting to bounce on my exercise ball and while my exercise ball could use any kind of activity these days-- it didn't seem prudent to let a 2 yr old bounce herself off of a ball 3 times her size.

b.) She is adorable and sounds so cute saying " A bounce, A bounce, A bounce" and "Opft... I fall down"

c.) It gave me an excuse to do more Christmas shopping and besides it was an inexpensive gift anyhow.

d.) I am one of THOSE parents who apparently can't wait more than 2 days to give their kid a gift let alone until Christmas

d.) All the above

I just love multiple choice don't you ;) I am gonna leave you in suspense--but I think you know the answer.

Confession #3
I do NOT "Enjoy the music while my party is being reached" and I hope to goodness you don't pay extra for that service.  I am sure it is a great song and all, but dude it is blaring through a cell phone--not your Ipod (unless you have an Iphone--which I don't). I much prefer bbbbrrringgg.... bbbbbrrrrinnngggg... it has worked for me for a good 30 years... no need for you to go paying extra to enhance my 5 seconds of waiting for you to answer--- I am just sayin'

Confession #4
El and I are on the outs again.

And since I don't like to talk about her behind her back, all I will say is that I will try again this weekend to see if we can reconcile our differences. Which leads to Confession # 5...

Confession #5
I took back my size Large Red Coat today :(

Why--because I feared my sweaters.  Yes... I was scared of them... that and freezing this winter.  Ya see I know it looked all awesome and fitted at a size large, but problem is all that fittin' don't allow for much else to fit -in.  So while I might be fashionable, I don't think it is prudent (I am awfully prudent tonight for some reason...lol) to wear t-shirts all winter so I can look super cute in my super fitted jacket.

So, I took it back to get a size XL--GASP--a size I would have killed for a few years ago-- as if I were defeated or something.  However, when I am wearing my super cute size Large sweaters this winter, I won't be sulking AND I will be able to breathe while wearing my XL jacket ;) Bad news though--they were out of red :( So I am back to black.  But the good news is I can jazz it up with a super cute hat and scarf in some bright color.... hmmm I wonder if Target has any good hats???

Confession #6
I am debating on putting up my Christmas Tree this weekend.  Oh I know--it is way tooo early. It ain't Christmas until someone complains about the stores having the Christmas stuff up too soon and their neighbor that has a full on Santa's Workshop in their front yard come punkin' carvin' season.

But here's the thing... this year Addie is already singing Jingle Bells and is obsessed with snowmen-- so "Why Not?" .  She is only 2 once and I am only her mommy when she is 2 once. As soon as I can find an old used record player to play my childhood Hank Snow Christmas record while we decorate we are gonna do it! "The Christmas Cannon Ball, The Christmas Cannon Ball" (Hank Snow reference).

Confession #7
I heart Kenny G. BIG TIME.

Make fun. Go ahead.  But it is true.  And, yes I am playing his Christmas Album on my Zune--on repeat.

Confession #8
I have started yet another Christmas project . Which I am soooo bummed I can't tell you about until after Christmas.  I am sooo stoked about it and I will definitely share it just as soon as I can.  However, this project is fun and new so it is making it easy for me to procrastinate on my original Christmas project that I gotta finish...

Confession time over. Well boy do I feel better.

1 GOODe Thoughts:

Confession #3 - AMEN!!! I am so with you on that one. And as for the coat, the size on the label does not diminish all the good work you've accomplished. Enjoy your new coat and your smaller, fitter you! :) (Oh, and I'd be putting up my tree right now if Toby was not so adament we wait till Thanksgiving. I may talk him into it next weekend though :) Enjoy little Add, they are so precious at that age and it will fly by before you know it!

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