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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Mommy Guilt

I have been dreading today. Today is flu shot day.  No, I was not dreading the decision to get a flu shot.  That was made the day my ped recommended it.  Nope--I was dreading the part where you take an otherwise happy toddler and look into her big blue eyes as they well up with betrayal tears when she realizes that mommy -- her trusted confidant--was "in on" the conspiracy to give her the shot.

Now Daddy explained to Add what was going to happen, but let's get real... even though every parent thinks their kid is a genius I am realistic enough to know lil' Add didn't fully understand what was going to happen when we got to the doctor's office.

Add was in an extremely good mood today, which only made my mommy guilt worse. I knew I was doing the best thing for my daughter, but I HATED shots as a kid.

When we got to the ped's office she was all smiles and talking it up with everyone. 

She chatted it up with Nurse Julie... who was very taken aback by Add's friendly nature.  Mommy guilt building...

Then Add leads us back to the room practically skipping.  Mommy guilt building...

Then Nurse Julie inevitably asks me to hold Add while she drives a nail into her thigh... I mean gives her the shot. 

Add is like why is she wiping my leg with that wipe...my diaper doesn't need changin'??? Mommy guilt building...

Then Nurse Julie pulls a low one and pricks her just as she asks her what she was for halloween.

Add crys for LITERALLY 3 seconds when Nurse Julie redeems herself by pulling out this:

Add was in love. "A kitty cat!"

Note: I can't believe the art department got away with this sticker design. I mean, I know it is Halloween and all, but this is suppose to be hello kitty for pete's sake and it is for kiddos...lol!--I am kidding, but it is still hilarious!

That was it.  Addie literally skipped out of the office-- cool knew kitty sticker in hand-- as a flabbergasted Nurse Julie, Mommy and Daddy just stood there.

All that guilt for nothin'.  No biggie. Just ask Add.

Makes me wonder what else I am worrying about needlessly!

Add has been happy as a lark (how happy are larks anyhow?) all night. 

Then at one point she looks at me as we are eating dinner and she says:

 "They poked me."

Ahhh, mommy guilt again.

1 GOODe Thoughts:

I haven't gotten my kids scheduled for a flu shot yet...it is my least favorite thing too! Hang in there momma! Thanks for today too!

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