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Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Drivin' Robin --Tweet Tweetly-Tweet

The Goodes went to Red Robin tonight.

Why? Because while we were out dishwasher shopping (machine not person--although if there are any volunteers out there--just email me:)  Addie said "To Eat" --her version of I am hungry. Upon asking what she wanted for dinner she said "French Fries".  Just so you know-- I am dusting my mantel as we speak for that mother of the year award.

So, french fries it was... and who has the best fries? Red Robin --of course.

Upon arriving, we had about a 15 minute wait to be seated. So what is a family of 3 with a two year-old to do? Daddy to the rescue!

Daddy promptly got some change and took Addie over to the arcade part of the restaurant with a knowing grin that Mommy wouldn't object because he was doing it all for Addie ;)

Mommy promptly got her camera while Daddy and Addie started their first driving lesson.  If I were a bettin' woman I would bet what followed is a foreshadow of about 14 yrs from now.

Look at my girl with her placement at 10 and 2.  A pro already

Uh-oh... hey Add --look at the road not the wheel

Daddy couldn't help but intervene

Lol! Look at his face!  I should have told him it wasn't really a car crash--just pretend Daddy. And look at Add--she must have dropped her lipstick.

Things got serious real quick and we needed Gilbert.

Oh dear.  It's OK Add--it is only a game no matter how seriously Daddy is taking it (note Dad's arm). Daddy was really into his---err her game.

By the time the driving lesson was over, it was time "to eat". Many french fries and no less than 3 very loud "Happy Birthday" songs to other patrons later, we were ready to go dishwasher shoppin'.

Afterward I thought a lot about how Mike wanted so badly to take the wheel from Addie and Addie wanted so badly to control it--even if that meant she would crash it.

This seems so much like many scenarios in parenting and spiritual matters.

In parenting--it is hard to know when to take the wheel from her and when to let her take it whether she sails or crashes.  And, I am sure that will only get harder as she gets older.

In spiritual matters I am sure God has wanted to jerk the wheel from my hand a time or two--and in fact has.  But I-- like an all knowing 2 year old-- complain to Him to "give it back" and drive myself right into a wall.

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