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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goode Memories: 365 days

I am feeling nostalgic tonight.  Brace yourself... this project is going to bring it out in me.  I mean look at that face.  That was just a mere year ago... 365 days (+/- a few days).  WHAT happened? 365 days just like today.  Get up, go to work, come home, fix dinner... that is simple. 

So how on earth did this:

Turn into this?

For the record, I will have you know that I nipped this little problem in the bud.  Upon seeing these pictures I asked Addie if she would stop growing up until further notice and she promptly answered "Yes, mommy".  That's my good girl ;) Too bad I didn't think of this a year ago!

I mean look at this...

That little tongue cracks me up every time.

Oh, and look at this adorable thing (and the baby he is holdin'...lol--groan)

Add was so good that day.  That was election day.  I think we had to stand in line close to 2 hours to vote...

Oh and here she is getting some Great Grandma time.

And here she is being nothin' but rotten ;)

365 days...

What will 365 more bring?

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