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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goode Goodness: "Rotisserie" Chicken- Crock Pot Style

Psst... I got a secret.  I got the EASIEST chicken recipe you will ever find... promise. I had never even bought a whole chicken before someone told me about this recipe years and years ago when I was on Weight Watchers (attempt # 1003 I believe...lol!)

SIDE NOTE#1:  Weight Watchers taught me A LOT about food and nutrition.  I ain't knockin' 'em.  Just never worked for me on the long term.  Ya see... I stink at math.  Hate it worth a passion... so any program that has me adding and subtracting all day long really ain't my schtick.... lol.  Besides the spreadsheets of points-- on WW  I obsessed about food all day with all my point counting which eventually led to weight gain... But enough of that... we were talkin' chicken:)

So. This recipe... it is sooo complicated. It involves Pam (the spray--you don't have to find a woman named Pam to cook this--but you can if you want), a Whole Chicken and Lawry's Seasoned Salt (or the equivalent of cooking gold in my opinion).  I add Fresh Rosemary here... because I heart Rosemary.  You could also add some minced garlic... But trust me-- Pam, Chicken and Lawry's is all you really need.

Spray your crock pot with Pam.

Rinse your whole chicken off and douse it in Lawry's Seasoned Salt.

Add any extra ingredients. Garlic, onion, celery, etc. I chose to just add Fresh Rosemary.

SIDE NOTE #2:  I chose to use Fresh Rosemary. Which we all know... repeat after me: "I heart Rosemary" ;)  Problem is, it is becoming increasingly hard to find around these parts and now more expensive. I noticed my herb aisle at both grocery stores I go to have switched completely to organic herbs-- no other choice.

Organic is great as a choice... I have lots of friends that love organic choices but I am a frugal shopper and prefer my products less expensive and therefore non-organic-- what frustrates me is that I no longer get that choice when it comes to herbs it appears.-- I mean, I love JIF peanut butter--and I choose to pay the higher price-- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to choose Peter Pan if you want or Generic for that matter.  Tangent over.

Chicken... we are talking chicken... k.

So, pop the lid on the pot--told you it is complicated:

and cook for 6 hours on high or 8 on low

I heart my Smart Pot...lol-- that sounded like something Puddie would say.

6 hrs later... here she is

Remove from pot.  Pull away and discard skin if you want it WW or low fat style. Then pull chicken apart with forks. 

Be careful it will be REALLY hot... like you didn't gather that. --Consider this similar to the McD's coffee cup warning.  Stupid but necessary in the unlikely case someone wants to sue me ;P

Serve for dinner and store the rest for sandwiches, soups, enchiladas, etc. Whatever you'd like.  Let your inner Martha be your guide.

I love this recipe.  It is quick, easy, healthy and the rewards last all week!

What would you make with all this shredded chicken on hand?

5 GOODe Thoughts:

-Stir fry
-add to soup
-for the meat lovers add to a one-pot veggie &
rice/pasta dish (at the end to heat through.)
-pizza topping maybe?

This looks yummy!! I am going to have to do this soon. Thanks for the post: )

Slow cookers are a blessing from above. How else can you get juicy meat like this? Well, I'm sure there are ways, but I'm not willing to do the work :)

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