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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goode Things: Target Marketing

Today I had to stop by Target-- or Tar-je' round these parts... us Hoosiers are so clever. 

Ya see Target is the only place that sells diapers  for Addie that don't leak all over the place. Pampers, Huggies, Luvs all leak and leak BAD.  I was in love with Walmart's White Cloud brand before they discontinued it and I don't do Sam's Club... so Target's Up and Up brand is the next best thing. 

It is a pain to go there for diapers not to mention a strain on the pocket book... not because the diapers are expensive...no they are priced real good ;)

Nope it is that I happen to be Target's target audience... the mom.  AND Target's marketers "get" me. I love the look and feel of Target anything... clothes, accessories, office supplies, toys, cards, home decor, photo frames,etc. That is why it is just safer for me and my pocket book to stay away. But no... they got the good diapers which draw me in and then this grabs a hold of me and there is no hope:

I used to ignore this aisle.  It is just junk, right???  Well that was until I saw books I had been paying $5 for in this aisle for $1.  And Elmo figurines for... you guessed it $1.  Hmmm... appropriately named aisle I guess.  I told you those Target marketers were brilliant!

Before long, I realized --for a fraction of the regular price --I could have a diaper bag full of books, activities and small toys to distract my Add in public so I don't get those judgmental looks for being one of THOSE parents who can't flip a switch an turn a misbehaving 2 year old into a well behaved robot ...errr I mean angel.

So, today... I make a bee-line to the $1 aisle to see if I can scavenge some stocking stuffers before Black Friday.

Check out my loot:

I got all of this for $7.50.  (I thought the bead toy was $1, but it rang up $2.50... still a pretty good buy.)  And yes, those ARE Richard Scarry books!  I was so excited.  I called Mike and told him and found out he had the same big activity book as I did growing up.  We both LOVED Richard Scarry!

Seriously-- if you like children's books... you have got to check out this aisle.

So now those darn marketers have me in their grips... so of course I have to go to the regular toy aisle... and there I find Super Why and I am doomed.

Add is the hugest Super Why fan and loves how they fly and adores all 4 characters. I got her the flying figurines and was so excited!!! She loves to pretend she is flying when they fly on the show.

BTW--  I showed immense restraint and only bought her the Wonder Red (as in Red Riding Hood ) doll and left the other 3 characters there... take that you marketers!

Then I saw this:

And I had to get it... because it was educational and magnetic and on sale--ohhh they got me didn't they...
But, but, but...Addie loves magnets, adores alphabets and numbers and I thought this would go well with the little table and chairs we are going to get her... yep they got me.

I finished out my Christmas shopping today by getting her first Ballerina Barbie--Daddy this is Addie's not yours--and a Tinker Bell Hopper Ball.

I had so much fun today picking these things out. It actually surprised me how much. I just kept imagining her reaction and was so thrilled to find so many little things that I know will absolutely thrill her. I look forward to seeing every part of the upcoming holidays through her eyes: learning about Jesus in the manger, baking cookies and goodies, singing carols and Christmas songs, decorating the house, watching Christmas movies and seeing family and friends.

These truly are the days.  I am so blessed.

Wishing you and yours a GRRRREAT (as Addie would say)  holiday season.

Oh and mom and Lou...please monitor my Black Friday Target visit... those Target marketers have me in their target and they are brutal!

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