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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Goode Ole Boy Guest Post: His Side Of Things (Keepin' It Real)

Hi....this is that feller that Cris often talks about.  The father, the husband, the man of her dreams...the strange dude in the tutu for some of you.  First of all I want to say just how proud I am of Cris for her dynamic dialogue of our lives.  From the food to the fun, from the romance to the run-of-the-mill everyday activities, you all get to see a glimpse into what we enjoy from day to day.  This blog helps you, the reader, to know us a little better.  This blog also helps us, mainly Cris, to hone creativity as well as to witness to the world what OUR happiness entails.

     That being said, let's get real for a minute...

That sugary-sweet, dripping with honey, give you a cavity gushiness that she writes about is as real as we can make it, don't get me wrong...but don't get us wrong either.  There's nothing "Stepford" about us.  She's a pain in the neck and I'm a grouch.  I am loud and obnoxious (insert tutu reference here), she's highly opinionated and hard-headed.  I'm lazy, she's messy.  I'm imperfect and so is she.  And our kid...well there's really nothing bad I can say about her.  That's still difficult for me.  She's still to young too find imperfections...okay, she poops a lot...you happy now Mr./Mrs. Killjoy?!?!?!

     "Why the heck is he ruining such a beautiful blog???"

I'm not ruining anything.  I'm simply putting my own spin on our beauty.  Cris and I were talking about blog topics the other night and she voiced her concern over just how sappy she was being.  She doesn't want her readers to believe, as I'm sure ya'll don't anyway, that our life together is all daisies and roses. (Sorry Pud, I stole your line.)  Well trust me, it's not. 

Case in point:  Sometimes we work on opposite ends of the day/night spectrum.  I sleep during the day and I know I cannot expect her or Addie to do the same.  Late this morning, or what I call the middle of my night, I hear the bass in our sound system thumping and a sweeper running, as well as a toddler screaming "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!"  I'm instantly awake and am a bear.  I come down the stairs...strike that...stomp down the stairs and like the true redneck I am, start complaining how the whole world, including those two, cannot respect my sleep.  Then I trudge out the door and get on the mower, ready to take out my aggressions on the leaves in our yard.  (Remember the lazy part I talked about?)  After a couple hours riding in circles, I came back in to find my house clean (at least cleaner than usual), the kid happy, and lunch made.  She wasn't trying to wake me up or tick me off...she was simply cleaning, cooking, and taking care of my kid while I was resting.  I was quickly humbled.

     "Okay, he's sounding more like a butt, what's so bad about her???"

Nothing...at least not anything I'm going to tell YOU about.  That's why we make it work so well.  We're not perfect.  We're a normal couple raising an extraordinary child, and living our lives the best we can, all the while letting you see a little bit of it.  I won't complain about her...I can't. I know I described her above in different ways than you may know her, but those are parts of her personality that I have come to love.  You can still think she's perfect, I know I still do.   I'm here to lift her up, just like she does me.  Again...that's how we make it work for us.  I brag about her and she brags about me.  Do we always like each other?  Nope...I'm an unlikeable brute sometimes and she's...well you get the point.  Do we always love each other?  With every breath and every second we live.  We're happy because we work at it.  We're happy because we know we need each other to make it work.  Now that's keepin' it real.   

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