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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goode Memories: A Tradition Continues

Over the holiday the Benefiel gals got to their usual tradition of puttin' up Grandma's tree. Sounds simple enough--but ahhh it is so much more.

The tradition starts with Grandma and Aunt Lou trying to figure out why the tree won't stand up right. It happens every year... Seriously, I have a similar picture for every year :)

Only difference this year is that Miss Add and Gilbert "helped".

HELP! The tree is eating Grandma!!!

While this is entertaining, it ain't nothin' compared to when it comes time for Aunt Lou and me to put on our first ornaments from our first Christmases.

Sure, it looks friendly.  But what you don't see is the step ladder and chair we are standing on for our upcoming knock down drag out ornament placing.

The rules of the game are:
1. Try to place your ornament higher.
2. I always win ;)

And this is my face after Aunt Lou tried to knock me off of the step stool.

"MOM! She's cheatin'!!"

And this is Lou's face after I locked her outside when she threatened to throw out my 31 year old Christmas ornament.

It could be that she threatened such a thing after I threw her 27 year old ornament in the back room... but I am not exactly sure that is why... it could be she is just mean.

"MOM! She got my socks wet!!!"

I told you this was serious business;)

And this is us after Grandma-- aka "the referee" --took away the climbing props. Note: I am winning ;)

Our ornaments at the finish line :) Lou's is blue and mine is the higher placed white one ;)

All kidding and winning aside ;) We had such a good time doing the simplest--and silliest thing.

I heart the holidays.

Rest assured--the tradition continues.

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