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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goode Memories: It's T-I-M-E!!!

It's T-I-M-E!!!

Note: If you are a party pooper and don't like Christmas decorating before turkey day please stop reading and return on Black Friday

OR better yet, read this and come back with a better attitude buddy!

If you did not follow those instructions and choose to scroll any further you WILL see Christmas decorating images... and people happy about it.  You have been warned--scroll at your own risk.

Now everyone else: Sing with me... "OH, The Christmas Cannonball, the Christmas Cannonball"

Tonight was Christmas decorating night :) And Add was in the mood to decorate.

I barely got the first branch on and Add laid her ornament on the branch and announced "ALL DONE!"

She did that process repeatedly the whole night...with the same ornament...lol! Each time just as excited as the last.

She LOVED the rope... or "Snake"

But the ornament balls were her FAVORITE... I kept waiting for her to holler "Catch!"

She kept callin' Santa "Cane"...and there was no changing her mind.  She was quite sure of it.

She kept saying "I help".  I heart my little helper :)

Then came time for the star... but it was being a little cantankerous so we placed the star and then the kid:)

Enter kid lifting device...aka Daddy


Addie's Marilyn moment

Marilyn moments look better in black and white ;)

Tiny fingers...sniff

But not as tiny as they were...

I love this season :)

"Night, Night Tree" as Addie says

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