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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Talking to myself... again

This blog was inches away from being named:
Mama always told me that if I have nothin' nice to say then I should say nothin' at all...

and then the blog was gonna be blank.

But then... I got to talking to myself.

I do that sometimes.

OK a lot.

I gave myself a real talkin' to this time. I told myself:

"Self, you get what you feed."

Odd talking points I know, but I was intrigued. So, I continued:

"And, dude (yeah I call myself dude sometimes...) you are feeding the wrong attitude."

I rhyme sometimes. Can't help it.

So here is to feeding hope, dreams, faith, kindness, integrity, wisdom, love, respect, leadership, marriage, friendship, motherhood, health and family.

And as for those negative things that I am now starving... well...

Mama always told me that if I have nothin' nice to say then I should say nothin' at all...

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