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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Do-overs

So Tuesday Miss Add, Daddy, Gilbert and I decided to give the Children's Museum a try again after the less than thrilling experience we had on Monday.

Much to our delight THIS is what we saw. Glorious open wide spaces filled with no ones :)

Sure you see this tower of beautiful glass that took 14 days to install... yet I see glorious levels of no ones.:)

So we came back to see Barbie.  Pretty cool Barbie sign until...

Until you get up close and it is a little creepy...

So we went posing with Barbie and mommy loves that the camera blew out her head.  I just want to know what brilliant museum designer thinks standing next to stick thin Barbie is good for my self-esteem...

My camera has got my back though...blew off her head both times... Poor Barbie and her itsy bitsty waist.

Miss Add LOVED the Barbie phone.

She had a time chattin' it up with Barbie.

"Have your people call my people Barbie"

Add made such a big deal about the phones that Daddy had to check it out.

We heart Barbie

Gilbert found Barbie to be a little boring.

Project Runway here she comes!

Barbie was fun, but Add much preferred the Polar Bear and dinosaurs.

She LOVED digging for Dinosaurs

I LOVED the goggles.

I mean I really LOVED the goggles

You are just going to have to indulge me here.

Adorable PINK goggles.

Barbie eat your heart out.

My girl can dig.


After the dig, we had some eggs to tend to

Which required some unique gear...

Dino attire comes in a close second to pink goggles

We finished out the day playing at playscape.

Caught some fish.

Flew some planes

Some excavating...

Some turtling

and played

and laughed

and laughed

and played.

6 GOODe Thoughts:

It looked liked you guys had the whole museum to yourself! How great after what you went thru the day before! PS...I kinda liked the pink goggles too. Quite stylish!

I LOVE it! The pictures are awesome! I miss my Ad....and you too. ;) You are raising one amazing little girl...and of course I am not partial at all. haha

Thanks girls! I need to get some of those goggles for this summer :)

I love how Barbies head blew out....had a good laugh over what you wrote. Poor Barbie. We are not respecting our elders. :) Where is the Childrens Museum? Looks awesome!!!!

It is Indianapolis off of Illionis St. It is amazing and fun... when you pay admission ;)

Don't go on free days or it is horrible, dangerous and not fun at all...

It is Indianapolis off of Illionis St. It is amazing and fun... when you pay admission ;)

Don't go on free days or it is horrible, dangerous and not fun at all...

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