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Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Goode Goal Setting Take 1... errr I mean 2010

So. I am sitting here feeling guilty because I have yet to bring myself to do the traditional 2009 to 2010 transitional post. Ya know, where I recap the old and aspire to the new... I have friends who have done a fabulous job--and really made me think like Terra's Blog . And, I am excited to see that some of my friends have started new blogs like Jen and Allison.

But me, I guess I am just *gasp* procrastinating. Guess a new year doesn't automatically bring about change...lol! I don't know how only 2 days into this new year I am already in a funk, but here I am. I normally wouldn't allow it, but I guess I am letting myself wallow a bit because I know it is only temporary and change is definitely on its way. That and because my vacay is almost up and I am a bit mopey. Soon it is back to life. Back to reality. Back to not seeing my monkey and Puddie as much.

I know it is not in vogue to declare New Year's resolutions these days. I understand everyone's reluctance. I mean if they really worked we all wouldn't be sitting here declaring that we are finally gonna do this year what we said were were gonna do for the last 5 years-- now would we???

But truth is-- I have been waiting for a couple months for this new beginning. Perhaps we all have in some way or another. We all want to believe that there is something about this opportunity to start anew that will allow us to finally break free of the cycle--whatever cycle it is. Be it spiritual life, food, exercise, finances, tobacco, procrastination, health, work balance, clutterness, word making-uppedness...lol ( truth be told I don't want cured of that one :) I am sure it drives someone crazy somewhere, but not me.)

I am a fan of goals. Seriously... I am gonna go see if I can "fan" them on Facebook...lol! Truth be told I am even more of a fan of goals after having read a lot of Lou Tice this past year.(I am a huge fan of Lou Tice in life AND Facebook...lol!) SIDE NOTE:  Join the PX2 Group on Facebook to get an awesome inspirational email regularly from Lou Tice. They are fantastic!

Ok, back to goals. Sometimes I am able to break through and set newer more positive cycles. Sometimes I fall short and back into old habits.  I don't always succeed.  But, one thing is certain, I don't ever meet un-set goals.

Failure to meet my goals often isn't really a lack of willpower as much as it is a lack of focus on what my goals are and what is important to me. A gift Tice gave me this year was to realize that I don't HAVE to do anything. My life is full of choices and consequences. I don't have to go around feeling trapped. If I want that darn piece of cake, I darn well can have it. If I want to still fit in my skinny jeans, I darn well can get on the elliptical. I know it sounds silly and simple, but it is a liberating principle for me.

It feels good to work toward goals. Otherwise, life just turns into a hamster wheel-like grind. Besides, I am glad that we aren't all content to just stay as we are. It is good to want to be better people and want better for those that we love.

So, dress it up as you like... New Year's Rez or not, I am going to work on getting refocused in areas that are important to me and to do that I am going to set some goals. Some will likely come out here, others will not.  But rest assured, blogging will definitely be a part of our 2010.

It has been so rewarding these past few months to share little things about our life with you. What started out as a simple way to keep in touch with family and friends has turned into so much more. So many of you have shared such touching notes of encouragement and we treasure each one. To know that this little blog has been a bright spot or source of encouragement for any of you is a pleasure. Thank you so much for taking interest in our little piece of this world. We look forward to spending 2010 with you.

Truth be told this blog, much like journaling, has been a great means to meet goals. At times it has served as an accountability measure... even if that was not the intention--which actually makes it more effective at times.

So, here is to 2010 and the next decade. I look back at 2000 and see how different things are, I can't imagine what 2011 will hold-- let alone 2020.

All that aside, do you think I can set a goal of keeping her 2 forever???

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