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Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a Goode Life: I like my house...but

I like my house...

but I am wondering--do I need a basement....or at the very least a garage?  I think I am missing out.

Could it be that my lack of basement or garage is keeping me from being wildly successful???

This occurred to me tonight while watching Shark Tank. I love that show. For those unfamiliar-- it is a show where people pitch business ideas to investors...

Investors who in turn make them sing and dance like monkeys and then squirm until they tell them if they will invest.

Anyhoo... from the "Sharks" to the inventors... everyone has/had a garage or basement. They are always introduced as the millionare that started his/her business in their basement.

The basement is apparently where all the magic happens. Magic that turns a decent (or sometimes not so decent) idea into cash and then the dreamer then can live the dream. This applies to garages as well.

Bill Gates had a garage.

I'm just saying...

I, on the other hand, just have a very messy house... I guess I will just have to blame zoning rules...  (For the lack of garage not the mess.)

So--does no garage/basement mean I am out of luck???

Think my "junk room" could serve as my faux magic basement/garage???

If so, what would I sell...hmmm...

  • Toys with parts that automatically put themselves away
  • A dryer that folds your laundry--including socks or OH a dryer that created socks rather than eating them.
  • A dishwasher I could put my nice pots, pans and knives in without ruining them
  • Playdoh that refuses to mix with other colors
  • Non-caloric chocolate
  • Non-destructible (aka non-chew-able for dogs named Big) outdoor play toys
  • A button on my fireplace that starts and kindles the fire without my assistance or need to know how.
  • An ear-bud that feeds you just the right zinger when someone is being a jerk
  • A monkey to program my DVR and make it do what it says it is going to do...grrr
  • Toys that don't run on batteries...or at the very least don't act demon possessed when the batteries are low...Dude, some are down right creepy!
  • Frickin fan light bulbs to fit my fan--market is wide open on that one.
Ok--so most of these ideas probably wouldn't fly (or is it swim?) with the Sharks...

I blame the lack of basement in my life.

Perhaps the non-caloric chocolate has possibilities...but I really don't know much about science of chocolate other than that it goes from my lips to my hips...

If you had a magic basement/garage what would you invent?

1 GOODe Thoughts:

Cris, I was laughing outloud reading this! You crack me up. And, for the record, I would definitely buy some of your inventions. (Especially the play-doh that doesn't mix colors & the toys that don't act possessed, oh & the non-caloric chocolate too). If I had a magic basement (I have a garage, but apparently it's not magic), I would invent suncreen for your scalp. I have thin hair & I hate getting my scalp burnt all summer long.

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