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Monday, November 1, 2010

Random: R-A-N-D-O-M

How about some random?

Is it me or was there an immense amount of chocolate in this year's Halloween loot? Miss Add walked away with quite the stash... and 90% of it was chocolate... not that she's complainin' ;) 


Speaking of chocolate... my new weakness is Ghirardelli chocolate chips... ya know, the ones intended for cookies... not that mine have ever made it there...just sayin'


I am getting so excited about our upcoming FREEZE-O-RAMA Chill Out! I even got a special "outfit" for the big day!

I just heart aprons and when I saw this I KNEW I had to get it for the big day with the girls! Now rest assured, my blue jeans and t-shirt will definitely be a part of the ensemble and there will be no heels in sight...lol! But hey, I think it will still be cute ;)

Don't forget, you can freeze along with us... we will be linking up on Tuesday November 16th with a recipe that freezes well.


Have you ever watched a movie that you thought you loved to find out that it wasn't that movie at all? Miss Add was away at Grandma's and I had some alone time the other night so I thought I'd flip through Netflix and play a movie I had seen in the background while I cooked in the kitchen. I saw the movie Quills and thought that I had seen it before and liked it--scratch that-- I recall thinking that it was a REALLY GOODe movie that I loved.

So I flipped it on and walked away. It had been on quite a while when I walked by the TV (which I hadn't been paying attention to) and discovered that it was the movie I had been thinking it was all these years... just sayin'

There were several...ahem... blush-worthy moments in the film and a great deal of crudeness and violence-- which if I had been watching in context may have been less shocking, but truth be told, more than anything I was dumbfounded that it wasn't the movie I thought it was...

It got me wondering if I had recommended it to anyone... thinking it was something else entirely. Oops.

And wondering what on earth the movie is that I thought this was... ya know, a little more Pride and Prejudice-like and a little less boudoir talk...


Ladies and gents I officially own my very first waffle iron... thanks to my mama (and little sis). Turns out they had an extra and gave it to me. Whew... I was wonderin' how I was gonna make those waffle recipes for my Goode & Gooseberry Patch project...lol!

Potential Private Practice Spoiler if you haven't seen commercials... (I don't know anything beyond what I have seen in the commercials)

I am thinking about sending a memo to Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice... ya know, since they'd listen to me and all ;)

I love both of these shows, but I did not enjoy the shoot out episode of Grey's (last year) and I have a feeling next week's episode of Private Practice where it looks like Charlotte gets assaulted mauled by an attacker is going to be of the same sort... gut-wrenching, violent and not enjoyable AT ALL.

Sure other shows have often put their characters through about everything you can imagine, but for some reason these two instances feel different--or maybe I am... who knows.

It feels like they are trying to compete with FX and HBO... both places where I expect that sort of thing... not prime-time network TV.

Don't get me wrong, I watch the cable shows, but I guess it is just different. I don't need them shooting up Grey's like an episode of the Sopranos or brutalizing a woman on Private Practice like a Sons of Anarchy fight gone way wrong...

Maybe I am wrong, but their network show premises don't allow for them to fully deal with what happens to their characters in those made for ratings moments after the fact in the same way the cable shows do... (Kind of reminds me of the media during sweeps, but that is a WHOLE other post...) They move on in a less than natural way it seems... to try to fit everything back into their other motifs of who is dating who and who gets the next big surgery... it doesn't fit.

Maybe I am just upset to see them do this to Charlotte-- my favorite character... after they just did something similar to Violet-- my former favorite character...ugh.

Upta likes to attack my Raggedy Ann dolls... she better watch it or I am gonna let a certain 3 yr old know about her secret hiding places... just kidding (kind of...)

My name is Cris and I am drinking Diet Coke again... big time. Gonna try to kick it again soon. Just. Not. Now.

I am currently awaiting my very first set of stainless steel pots and pans from Amazon. (I heart Amazon!)

I've saved and saved.

I have always LOVED my mother-in-law's high quality set and after much research I have found what I hope to be All Clad quality without the All Clad price... or so all the reviews say... Cuisinart's Multiclad Pro Series.

Truth be told, my current pots have taken quite the lickin' with all the cooking I have been doing for my project.

So much so that my non-stick has started stickin'... just sayin' 

I have heard that this will be the last set I will ever have to own... we'll see... Heaven knows I'll be giving them a GOODe test drive here with all the cooking we do together ;)

How about you, do you use stainless? Non-stick? What's cookin' in your kitchen? Do you have a favorite brand?


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