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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Indoor Snowballs and Other GOODe Holiday Treats

Much to the uber-delight of Miss Add, tonight we put up our Christmas tree.

I knew she was going to be excited... but I was caught off guard by HOW excited she was...

Truth be told, if we all had the spirit of a three year old when it comes to life, traditions, celebrations--heck anything-- this world would be an ENTIRELY different place.

And, the second best thing to being three during the holidays is being around someone who is three during the holidays...just sayin'

So we threw some Hank Snow on the Zune and gots down to business.

Once mom finally got those magical lights and ribbon on the tree, Miss Add --now full flocked (white specks) from the tree-- got down to digging out our ornaments and placing them on the tree...

... all in one place ;)

Miss Add loves snowmen, so this year her ornament was this adorable thread spindle snowman.

Truth be told, Mr. Snowman Dude had a few frosty friends...




If I had a nickel for every time I heard the word "WOW" come out of that precious little creature I would be rich... scratch that, keep your nickels... this evening was definitely rich with just the right stuff... just sayin'

We stumbled upon some family heirlooms... who are those crazy kids?!?

Look at the itty-bitty ensie-weinse hand print... sniff.

I love using things on the tree that we use other times throughout the year in other decorating.


We love the words that point to the reason for the season...


And we even had a little nod to Miss Upta and Miss Ima

Mommy found some cooking ornaments this year too...



Daddy helped out with some star placement...



But, decorating with a three year old is bound to get interesting...just sayin'

Stockings turn into hats...

And, when Mommy tells you that stuff is "fake snow"

You just can't help but...

Start an indoor snowball fight...

Favorite. Ornament. Ever.

Happy Holidays!!!

2 GOODe Thoughts:

There's nothing like a three year old to cheer your heart! Praise God!

What amazing photographs. Loved every single one of them. Little Miss Add looks lost in delight. So fun. Makes me want to go get our tree now. Just don't think Bridger and Misty will react the same way, unfortunately.

Very pretty! I can't wait to set ours up on Friday!

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