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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh Dear...

Dear Camera-
I really need to take the time to learn how to use you properly. I know I am totally holding you back. I apologize. - The Shutterbug

Dear Indianapolis Star-
It is a joke that you want to increase my subscription rate for the month of November because you sold too many ads for the Thanksgiving issue and therefore made the paper "over-sized" and so called "increased" your costs for delivery. Um... shouldn't all that advertiser dough go to covering your issue (pun-intended)? Seriously... I have seen what you are charging advertisers for placement this year... Truth be told, if you send this customer a similar letter regarding December consider my subscription cancelled--then you won't have to worry about the burden of delivering to my home. - Annoyed.

Dear Ima & Upta-
Thank you for the delight you bring to our home. -Addie's Mom

Dear Puddie-
Thank you for taking care of the tires that all those Georgia trips ran the rubber off of... -Your Girl

Dear House-
Glad you finally decided to let us know that you have had a water leak for like ages... Really-- if you needed to go, we would have let you use the potty... just ask Miss Add. Santa is going to be soo disappointed. -The Former Owner of Undamaged Hardwood Floors

Dear Kink in My Neck-
What the heck?!? Where did you come from? I do not have time for you or the head-ache/body-ache/ all-over-ache you have created. Go. Away. -The Management

Dear Target-
The ads. Lose them.You aren't funny. - Black Friday Shopper.

Dear Gal-
Puddie says your Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins rival my famous Peanut Butter Cookies... He has requested that I do a bake off at home between the two so he can taste test... I think he is in it for the muffins and cookies... I say the world is made better by both ;) On the other hand... Miss Add keeps requesting that we go see "the girl that makes the muffins". -Sorry that My Family is Stalking You

Dear Mail Carrier Sub-
I realize I am on the outskirts of your route... but, unless something changed, I do believe mail is supposed to run 6 days a week. I miss you when you don't visit me. I thought we were friends. It's no fun to be stood-up with the flag up. -Stampless in Indiana

Dear PW-
Way to throwdown with our man Bobby. You go girl.- Team Ree

Dear To Do List-
Can we work on a partial payment plan?- Woman with 24 hrs to Spend

Dear Gilmore Girls-
Thank you for always making me laugh when I come to visit.- Wants to Move to Stars Hollow

Dear Road Construction Dudes-
Thank you for being so friendly as we all get through this road closure. It can't be any easier on you than it is on us. -Appreciates You

Dear Walmart-
Many of us want to donate food on a regular basis. Can you come up with a standard way for us to do so? I love that we can donate directly at your store, but the method to do so seems to be ever-changing. I wouldn't complain except that the last few times it has been very unclear how to do so. I clearly saw the glossy sign advertising a politician supporting the food drive, but had no direction on how to participate. Can we skip the politics from here on out and just have an easy way to donate?- Confused Donor

Dear Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate, Semi-Chocolate, White Chocolate and 60% Cacao Chocolate Chips-
I may or may not have a real problem with you. You make my cookies gooey-er, my brownies oozey-er and my thighs biggie-er. -Chip Up and Shape Out

Dear Cooking Channel- I really like that you came to town. It is so much fun to watch and TiVo Julia Child. Now you got some weird stuff on there too...but no biggie. I do gots one question for you... that tagline of yours... "The Cooking Channel- Stay Hungry". Really? Stay Hungry? Not feelin' it.- Still Hungry

Dear Pyrex-
I am in love with your mixing bowls with lids. Loving a lot of your new products actually... and, your tagline works... "Pyrex: Cooking Solved"...is as brilliant as your new line!- Returning Customer


10 GOODe Thoughts:

HILARIOUS!!! and I can TOTALLY relate to the house well...not being housebroken! lol!!

LOVE these! May have to do my own. I really need to come up with an original thought one of these days;-)

I think this is my favorite post EVER and not just because of the shout out!

Great post Cris!!
Life sure is an adventure, isn't it ??!!
Also, I know what you mean about the chocolate...... we can join a 12 step program for Ghirardelli together!! :)
Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

WOW! That had to be theraputic!

HA! Love it! I laughed out loud all alone in my house! (The cats ran away.)

HILARIOUS!!! and I can TOTALLY relate to the house well...not being housebroken! lol!!

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