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Monday, November 15, 2010

Chillin' with my bloggy buddies --FREEZE-O-RAMA style

This weekend my bloggy gal pals and I had ourselves one GOODe time a cookin' and a laughin' and a cookin' some more!

(Big HUGE GIGANTIC thanks to Rocklane Christian Church for the use of their AWESOME industrial kitchen for the day!!!)

I made up a big ole batch of my Brown Bag Burritos to split up 12 ways and all my bloggy pals did the same with their yummy recipes! (Scroll down to the bottom for a link up list of all their yummy recipes and add some of your own!)

Miss Heather of 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs was there cookin' up some mean manicotti with Big Sissy.

Rumor has it that this girl might have her own cookin' show one of these days...

Lil' Sissy was there too... with another future FREEZE-O-RAMA cook to be...Frugalista's new little bundle of joy!

Frugalista (aka Miss Barbara) and Baby JJ were such a precious sight :) Miss Barbara made up an awesome batch of  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins with her big sis, Gal.

Not only did the bloggy sisters make some muffins, but Miss Aunt Megan of Gal in the Middle also teamed up with her sis to make up some Texas Soup Mix.

Big D of Who is the Grown up was there with her awesome apron "I Child proofed my home but they keep getting in" while whipping up some Sausage Cornbread Bake.

Miss Hannah of Off the Cuff and Indypendent had our first party foul of the day while making her Kale Pesto.

The maids were there from Two Maids a Milking

Miss Amy cooked up a big ole batch of Pizza Casserole

While her future sister-in-law, Miss Liz, baked up some AMAZING Bacon Quiche!

I did say bacon folks... :)

Miss Isabella of The MAD Grandma helped out with all of the peelin' and choppin' (and there was A LOT of peelin' and choppin'...just sayin')

Then she mixed it up a bit making up a Pancake mix, a Friendship Soup mix and ... wait for it... a Death by Chocolate Cookie mix... swoon ;)

And all those veggies were for Miss Whitney of Life is a Highway and Mine's Surrounded By Corn 

And her Cheeseburger Soup...Yum! 

Ott, A of A Latte with Ott, A was also there a chopping away for her Shepard's Pie complete with ground lamb!

Miss Jeanette of Fencerow to Fencerow also stopped by with her Chicken Pot Pie

We had such a GOODe time! 

And I GOTS to tell you...

Farm girls can cook folks!

Just sayin'

Now since we were all cookin' for our freezers, my Pampered Chef pal Tracey dropped by and cooked us hungry cooks up some yummy lunch!

Which reminds me... I ordered up some Pampered Chef pampering for you dear reader --in honor of all this uber-FREEZE-O-RAMA fun! (Psst... If you have any Pampered Chef Christmas Shopping to do, my show closes this week-- just email me and we'll throw your order in!)

Now for the giveaway:   Micro-cooker anyone? 

Yay! Think I can enter to win??? ;)

You might recall it from my Gifts Under $20 List last week ;)

You are in luck... there are TONS of ways to enter to win:

Please leave a comment below for each of your entries
1. Follow GOODEness Gracious
2. Fan GOODEness Gracious on Facebook
3. Follow @crisgoode on Twitter
4. Share the link to this giveaway on Facebook
5. Tweet about this giveaway
6. Visit Pampered Chef and come back here and comment on what tool/cookware you'd love to try.
7. Visit any of the girls sites and tell me which recipe you'd love to make.
8. Link up a recipe below (link as many as you'd like and leave a comment for each one!)

A winner will be selected at random after 9 pm on 11/23/10.
Now, you just GOTS to check out all the ladies' great recipe links below and join in on the frosty fun by linking up a freezer friendly recipe of your own!

<a href="http://www.goodenessgracious.com/search/label/freezeorama%20linkup"><img src="http://i1032.photobucket.com/albums/a405/crisgoode/chilledsmall.jpg"/>

34 GOODe Thoughts:

So sad I missed it but so happy I got Gal in the Middle's food! Now I have some order to what is in my freezer.

Wow! What a busy day and so many cooks. Looks like y'all had fun. I love my Pampered Chef measuring cups I got a few years ago. They have been the best time save when I am measuring out ingredients.

I'm with Leah! Sorry I missed this, but it is so fun to see the pics and feel the fun! Time to gather recipes. Glad you all had such a fun time. You all will have to come north next time! ;-) Just sayin'

This is the one part that stinks about being your sister...I can't win any of the cool stuff you give away! Ah well...I guess having you as a sister is better than all that cool stuff. ;) Michael has already volunteered me to join in the next Freeze-O-Rama party you have...he LOVES the manicotti!

Lou needs to give a few attitude lessons to MY sister!!!

Thanks for organizing this, Cris. It was a lot of fun!

Lou needs to give a few attitude lessons to MY sister!!!

Thanks for organizing this, Cris. It was a lot of fun!

What a fun day it was. I can't wait to try everything. As predicted, my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins never made it to the freezer... heck, they didn't even make it to Monday.

On another note, do you really want me to leave a separate comment for each entry. I don't have a micro-cooker and I sure would love to win one... just sayin'. :-)


LEGENDARY photos and it was nice to see a photo of you too!

C'mon! You guys were having just way too much fun!! Love the pics. It sounds like an awesome time. Congratulations to all of you for the great day together, whoseever bright it was! :-)

I shared the link to our awesome party on Facebook.

And of the recipes linked up so far, I'm going to have to go with the French Toast as it is the one thing I don't already have at my house. :-)

Can you tell I'd love to win, but I'll still love you if I don't. :-)

All I'm gonna say is that those five pounds of hamburger woulda cooked up wonderfully in that micro-cooker... if only I knew a place where I could win one!

OK, I finally wrote my blog and got it linked up!

I have been wanting to prepare some freezer meals and you just might be the inspiration I need. I wish you lived closer because I would so love to hang out during one of your freeze-o-rama days! And I have been wanting a Micro-cooker.

I have subscribed via email. And I'm glad I did because I have been following your Gooseberry Project. :-)

I also became a fan on Facebook. Boy, I am glad I had some time to snoop around your blog today. :-)

I mentioned the give-a-way in a blog post if that counts for anything...

Did I mention it was my birthday!?!?!?! :)

Did I mention it was my birthday!?!?!?! :)

All I'm gonna say is that those five pounds of hamburger woulda cooked up wonderfully in that micro-cooker... if only I knew a place where I could win one!

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