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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tice Talk Thursday: Week 5-Brain Matters

Tice Talk Thursdays now has a page with all of the crazy Tice Talkin' here at GOODEness Gracious. Just click the icon an it will take ya right there.

This week's post will focus on Chapters 4 & 5.  These chapters are very GOODe, but very cerebral... quite literally. I highly recommend that you read them on your own. They are really heavy in how the brain works and I think those concepts are better left to the author. Tonight, I will just briefly summarize for the sake of Tice Talk.

Chapter 4: The Creative Thought Process explains how your conscious, subconscious and creative subconscious work together to keep you sane. 

Bottom line is that your conscious perceives your interpretation of what is going on around you and like the little busy body that she is, she records everything she sees it into your subconscious. 

Your subconscious is like your very own little librarian... she goes around filing things your conscious sends her way... what to toss out (because it doesn't fit) and what to record for forevermore...including the big section of who you think you are-- your self image. 

Things like:

I'm fat. 

I'm thin. 

I'm messy. 

I'm a neat freak. 

I'm ugly. 

I'm pretty. 

I'm stupid. 

I'm smart. 

I'm bad at math. 

I'm good at math.

I have brown thumbs.

I am a gardenin' goddess.

Your creative subconscious is the third gal pal of this trio and she is a tricky lil gal. It is her job to make sure you stay sane. She maintains your self image--whatever it is-- no matter what the cost. She works to let you only record things that confirm your sanity... to her, sanity is much more important than success--which leads to Chapter 5: Overcoming Blind Spots.

Chapter 5 explains that when pursuing anything in life we have blind spots. Blind spots help us navigate this overwhelming world of information. Our creative sub thinks she is helping us out by allowing us to block out information that doesn't confirm what we already believe. This often times blocks out answers and solutions to new goals because we haven't grown our self image to match our goals.

Your creative sub is also a big time worker bee. She will work herself to the bone making sure you maintain your self image. You lose 10 lbs, but believe you are fat? She will seek out and find that chocolate cake, bavarian creme donuts, cherry pie, cheesecake, etc. until you are back to your old fat self... craving your way back to sanity... despite your goals of skinny jeans.

This also explains why my house is a wreck within a week of cleaning it for house guests... My creative sub--gem of a gal that she is-- sees all this tidiness and screams "WAIT! This isn't home, home is messy... you are a messy" Now, I don't hear her freak out... that would be weird... but I do see the effects of it. All of a sudden the woman who could clean for hours on end suddenly can't muster the energy to put shoes away.

So what is the solution? Are we helpless to what these gals do to us? 


That is what next week is about... taking control over what is being recorded into your subconscious and harnessing that work horse of a creative subconscious to do what you want it to do automatically rather than fight it to fit in those skinny jeans.

Stay tuned...

3 GOODe Thoughts:

I can't read this right now. Too late at night. But I talked to my BFF (the one in Cleveland) and we decided to read the book together!

Awesome! Can't wait to hear what you guys think!!

Awesome! Can't wait to hear what you guys think!!

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