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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GOODe GOODeNESS: Chicken, Ham n' Cheese Casserole

Tonight we had Chicken, Ham n' Cheese Casserole straight from our freezer.

I got the idea for this new family fav from a recipe in my new favorite cookbook :) Gooseberry Patch's appropriately titled Mom's Favorite Recipes.

I saw this recipe (click image to print recipe photo) and it gots me thinkin'. I loved the flavors involved, but didn't want all that rolling-up labor on a freezer cooking day. So, I altered it ;)

I started out with wheat egg noodles. I like the added fiber and don't mind the texture. I couldn't even tell after freezing.

I boiled up about 8 oz .

Meanwhile, my chicken was gettin' her cook on in a little olive oil and Lawry's...

I then drained my noodles and prepared myself for some mixin'

I tossed in about 1/2 cup spinach

A can of Cream of Chicken Soup

A cup of milk

Then I grabbed some deli ham (about eight slices)...

SIDE NOTE: This would be SUPER yummy with chunks of ham or some leftover Christmas ham... However, if you'd prefer to use the Christmas ham, I'd recommend making this closer to the December time-frame... Just sayin'

But me, I just had deli ham on hand, so I cut 'er up

I tossed the ham and 1/2 brick of Velveeta (cubed) in the bowl of GOODeNESS. Don't forget to salt and pepper to taste.

Mixed 'er up...

And tossed 'er in two square pans for some freezin'. Chill baby :)

When it's time to bake, toss in a 425 degree oven until warmed through and the cheese is bubbly.

I heart bubbly cheese.

Can you say "YUM"?

Below is a recipe card for those who want to give 'er a try! (Click on image to print).


9 GOODe Thoughts:

Was contemplating cereal for breakfast and after reading that I now have to fire up the ol' skillet and make something more substantial. I'll have to try the recipe later.

Looks yummy :)
Love that freezer cooking !!!!
So easy, peasy !!
Have a fun day :)

That looks really good! I think my family would like it too. I'd have to go light on the cheese though.. my girl does not like cheese. I can't get her to eat things with cheese...or orange cheese she calls it! BTW that asparagus looks yummy too!! :)

You're making me hungry, Cris! :)

This looks very yummy and I even know where you can get some delicious ham cubes. :-)

Alfred- I hope it was GOODe!

Thanks Kerin!

Allison, that asparagus was fantastic! I love when you can find it that nice.

Jane- Give 'er a try :)

Heather- I was thinking about that the other day while I was making it!

This looks very yummy and I even know where you can get some delicious ham cubes. :-)

Looks yummy :)
Love that freezer cooking !!!!
So easy, peasy !!
Have a fun day :)

I found your site yesterday and made this casserole tonight for dinner. I divided it up and froze half of it. My family was very upset that I did that....they wanted to eat the whole thing.....lol
Thanks for sharing.

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