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Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: Dude, I am tired

Dude, I am tired. So, tonight's blog is going to be a random blog of catch-up...

I just love ketchup don't you?

Anyhoo... I have been one busy mama. 

We have been working the garden with Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom. (Post to come soon!) Truth be told, it turns out that we heart gardenin'! And the garden looks sooo awesome! I can't wait until we get to can and freeze up all the yummy fruit of our labor. 

I have been trying to learn how to play the sales papers/coupons game after finding tons of inspiration from The Gal in the Middle, Going Jane and Frugalista Farm Life. With their inspirations and tips from Moneysaving Mom, I have managed to stretch my dollar big time--but it has also stretched my schedule... I have got to find my groove, cause this mama can't invest as much time into this process as I did last week... I did manage to get Puddie a $12 razor for $.97 and my very favorite Aveeno shampoo for a super deal! So, it is totally worth it, I just have to get a game plan. I think I am going to focus on Target and flirt with CVS...stay tuned.

Did I mention I was shopping for my Double Mama FREEZE-O-RAMA in the middle of all that deal searchin'? Like I said, I am tired.

Friday evening I worked on all my Poultry dishes and prepped to pack up and haul all my beef fixins to Miss Leah's house for a day full of FREEZE-O-RAMA and family fun! Puddie and Miss Add came along for their respective playdates ;) and Miss Leah and I got down to our frosty business right away. 

Everything was great... The kids self-entertained as did the boys, and lots of fun was had by all. The day was just perfect except for a minor mishap with my sauce... turns out when the recipe calls for 4 large cans of tomato paste, you better not grab puree by accident or your sauce might be a little on the thin side. I am going to attempt to fix my sauce tomorrow and post about it in a future post entitled: So, Martha Doesn't Live Here... stay tuned.

We added a new member to our crew this weekend as well... I will introduce you to her later this week. She is black and shiny, sits on our back deck and gets hot mad when you push her buttons... Stay tuned.

Monkey also finally got her swimmin' pool today. After swimming all day with Miss Leah's princess, Miss Add wanted to swim and I don't blame her... It is dag-gone hot out! I took on the adventure of purchasing and transporting said pool. It took no less than 3 hours, 2 vehicles, 2 trips, a severe thunderstorm warning, 60 mile an hour winds, trying (and failing) to shove a pool in an SUV in a rainstorm,  a pool in flight on a country road, a torrential down pour, bungee ties, hazard lights and a speed less than 40 miles/hr to get that puppy home...but it is here. Heaven help me if it leaks.

Dude... did I mention I'm tired?


11 GOODe Thoughts:

Rest and de stress is all you need.

Looking forward for the post about the sauce.

Hugs to you!♥

You really have hooked me with interest on your upcoming posts. Can't wait to read them, but be sure to get some rest in the mean time. :-)

Hello there you busy woman!
You need a clone :)
Have a great day... and pace yourself :)

Sounds like a busy weekend! Are you glad the "work week" is here so you can rest? lol! (I know, I know...there IS no rest for mommas!) And I'm gonna have some new "how-to" questions for you next time we get together! :)

I like the theory of coupons better than the practice. Just can't seem to get it going.

We bought Pie an inflatable pool this weekend and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. I'm sure Miss Adds will have a blast!

thanks for joining in Monday Madness!


Following you via Google Friend. Thanks for sharing, i'll be digging into archives. You can also follow me at Safe Home Happy Mom

OMGosh my dear I can see why you would be tired! Wowzer, I so need some lessons on coupons and how to do it. Along with a good printer to print them!

I so envy your freeze party, that would be GREAT I need to get freezer to all this. I only have the small one on top of the fridge.

thanks for joining in Monday Madness!


You really have hooked me with interest on your upcoming posts. Can't wait to read them, but be sure to get some rest in the mean time. :-)

Rest and de stress is all you need.

Looking forward for the post about the sauce.

Hugs to you!♥

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