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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: LOWE and behold-- we are becomin' gardeners

Over the past few days, we have been tending to our flower beds that haven't been tended to in...um... quite a while.

Truth be told it has been years. My excuses are many...

My brown thumbs.

My 3 year old.

My schedule.

Regardless, Tess has been rampant round these parts... just sayin'

But Tice talkin' has been changin' our minds and our ways and our flower beds (and Lowe's) are beginning to feel the effects of it.

I have decided to stop sayin' I have brown thumbs and start learnin' about all of these plants that have managed to survive me.

So, when Daddy needed to go to Lowe's to get some gutter screens today, Add and I tagged along for some much needed gardenin' tools.

Add now even knows when we have "found" Lowe's.

"There it is, Mommy! We found Lowe's! See the L"

This time we were in the need of gloves and trowels. So we were off to shop while Daddy looked for gutter screens.

Add was ELATED to find Wonder Pets trowel and gloves... I didn't even see them, but those kid marketers know what they are doing.

In addition to the Wonder Pets gloves and trowel...there were Veggie Tale Seeds, Elmo Kits and Dora Watering Cans and Add spotted them all from a mile away.

Side Note: If you don't know what the Wonder Pets are...count yourself lucky. If you really want to know, see below. Remember, I warned you.

Anyhoo, after gettin' our Lowe's GOODeS, we headed home for some weed pickin' and flower plantin'...

 We started out by gettin' our gloves on.

I have never seen a kid so happy over gloves.

She kept thanking me for her gloves and trowel... 

"Thank you for buying them for me, Mommy"

So, while Daddy put screens on the gutters, Add and I got down to business.

A tip for all you pros out there... when describing a weed to a three year old, you might want to use more detail than "these green things"...

Or you might just find said three year old "weeding out" your creeping phlox or "pulling" your lilies with great fervor while you have your back turned!

Other tips... don't leave same three year old with Daddy while you run inside to check on dinner or you might find that she has already had a hearty helpin' of dirt when you return!

Ladies and Gentlemen, that ain't Oreos... just sayin'

Truth be told, Miss Add was a great little helper and I look forward to many more days of gardenin' with my little pal. Besides, she's the one with the tractor around here ;)

All in all it was an awesome day. BoBo even dropped by to say hello.


5 GOODe Thoughts:

Sounds like you had fun! Wanna come clean up my mess next? BTW, the Wonder Pets drive me nuts, too! My kids made up their own episode the day we had to rescue Daddy when he ran out of gas, and they sang the "What's gonna work? TEAM-WORK!" ditty the WHOLE TIME!! :)

One can never be too young to start gardening :) And now that Add has a bit of soil in her tummy, all she needs is a watermellon seed, and she can start sprouting watermellons :)
That's how my dad kept us from ingesting too much dirt when we were young. But, he also told us that burnt toast puts hair on your chest:)

Jane- We sing that song daily--sometimes hourly around here! Add tells everyone her name is Ming Ming.

Kerin- I am going to have to give that a try!

I LOVE that pedal tractor! Oohh!! I just thought of something - I want to put one in my garden with a sign that says, "PETAL tractor"

Hopefully Miss Add will grow up knowing how to garden, and not have be stuck with brown thumbs like us!

I've got some great gardening blogs to help you out. Firstly, you should shop at Home Depot and sign up for their garden club. They e-mail you tips and COUPONS for their garden section!!!!!!

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