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Friday, June 11, 2010

Double Mama FREEZE-O-RAMA: A Bird and A Plan

Preparations are well underway for this weekend's Double Mama FREEZE-O-RAMA with Miss Leah over at Beyer Beware!

Miss Leah asked me last month to walk her through a FREEZE-O-RAMA and she promised to entertain Miss Add. Friends and cooking child care!?!--I was TOTALLY game. 

I promised to start off slow, so I have planned to handle my poultry and pork dishes at home and cook my beef dishes along with Miss Leah.

So below is my game plan. Check out Leah's blog later tonight for her first FREEZE-O-RAMA plan!

Where's the Beef?
Beefy Spinach Casserole - new
Hamburger Patties-new


Quick & Easy Turkey Bake-new
Turkey TexMex-new
Cris' Herb Amish Noodles & Turkey-new

Speaking of poultry... This month we have a bit of a star that has been smellin' up my kitchen all day ;)

Meet Tina Turner the Turkey... Puddie says she had great legs.

I was looking for an economical way to do up a bunch of poultry dishes, and Tina came to the rescue.

She is one yummy bird! And, super easy to make. You just gotta use one of these thingies:

Here is the recipe I used to make her.

I am using all the great meat from Miss Tina to make all my turkey dishes tonight. Yummo!

Stay tuned for more FREEZE-O-RAMA fun! 

Do you want to do a FREEZE-O-RAMA or have you done one?


9 GOODe Thoughts:

Helllooooo Turkey!

Can't wait to see all the great recipes!

I so knew Katie would love you for this one! :) I'm looking fwd to the turkey run-down, too...I love to buy turkeys @ bargain prices to have throughout the year...but I never make up anything super-exciting like this. Can I be your cooking Padawan?? :)

Tina the turkey looks amazing and I am so jealous, in a good way, that Miss Leah gets a first hand tutorial. I'm so excited to hear about the results from both of you.

I can't wait to hear how this double mama freezer drama works out! And, I must say, I am jealous that Leah gets to do this with you. Maybe instead of a blogging workshop one month we should all just gather and cook and freeze all day?! eh, eh?!

You are truly a gift from God! We will need to find a commercial kitchen to do freeze-o-rama casserole swap!

An oven bag? Really? You've got it all wrong. You need a fantastic brine and the "turkey triangle" - a la Alton Brown. Now THAT'S a turkey!

I read about a group of women who do dinner trades. For example, I would make up a ton of meals of one certain type such as tuscan soup. You would be in charge of Tator tot casserole. Heather would do a pork recipe... then at the end, we all traded meals so we had a variety. Maybe we should start our own group!

Katie- You'd be so proud!

Jane- Absolutely!!! Lol!

Heather & Whitney- Thanks! We got an idea cookin' up for all you gals interested in freezer cookin' ;)

Leah- Thanks for everything. We had so much fun... I hope to salvage my sauce tomorrow ;/

Marybeth- Yep... A bag. Did you see my list of all the stuff I cooked?!? Quick and easy and in the oven in 5 minutes flat... I heart Alton, but don't always his kind of time ;)

Barbara- That was what Leah and I were talkin' about... stay tuned :)

You are truly a gift from God! We will need to find a commercial kitchen to do freeze-o-rama casserole swap!

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