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Thursday, June 10, 2010

GOODe Things: Honey, I must confess I love this man too...

Dear Trackman-

I love you.


I heart you.

My hand hearts you.

My wrist hearts you.

My arm hearts you.

You have removed the pain of mouse usage from my life.

Thank you.


The woman formerly headed for carpal tunnel.

Hmm... this resolved wrist pain reminds me from an old blog post...circa 2007.

Way back when Myspace was still cool and wayyyy before Goodeness Gracious was even a thought...

I give to you:

March 30, 2007

So my preggo hormones have caused my wrist/forearm to act up and my OB thought I should go get checked for pregnancy onset carpal tunnel.

It is no biggie, hormone levels just mess with your body sometimes and carpal tunnel and other such things crop up and quickly go away post-baby.

So I make the appointment, but in the meantime get a wrist brace and have a keyboard/mouse tray installed at work. Sure enough pain goes away.  I almost cancel the referral appointment, but decide to go because the OB thought they would give me a better brace.

My gut says...something is off the wall with this place when I call to make an appointment, but I go anyhow...thinking I am being silly.

I drive an hour from home to show up to the building on the north side of town (the shheee shhee poo poo part of town) yet it is run down and mostly empty except for this "clinic". 

I walk in and it looks like a make-shift office.  They are selling candles on the side with a computer print out sign that has $5 written really big on it. 

I fill out all my paperwork.  Including several pages that threaten a $25 cancellation fee without 24 hrs notice....(hmmm I wonder why people cancel on them...) Then proceed to wait 1/2 hr in the waiting room while listening to Yanni play over speakers and hearing an over-the-top SNL-like character carrying on in the background. 

My fears realized--turns out Ms. SNL was my "thearpist".  Yeee Hawww.

We go to her make-shift office and I am amazed at how un-ergonomic her area is.  She is setting in a old office chair without a keyboard or mouse tray.  The patient chair is even worse.  It is a metal dinning room chair with a lumbar support strapped to it.

I begin to get a little scared.  She talks to me like I am 5 and she is my grade K teacher.  She can't find what is really wrong.  Like I said, I was feeling better...

She decides though that it might be a nerve in my arm and proceeds with "therapy".  She massages my arm and keeps trying to hurt me, but it doesn't hurt.  She puts this heated bag that stinks on my arm and it turns my arm blochy red for over an hour!

She then says "Crissy, that is such a pretty name..." She was weird I tell you!
So then she says "You won't freak out if I use some tools will you?"

NOW I AM SCARED. She pulls out a rock and a pair of plain old hotdog tongs!

She proceeds to scrap my arm with the rock until it hurts...bad.  I almost punched her.  She tells me she is "damaging tissue for healing and you will probably bruise"

Damaging Tissue??? WHAT???  I was feeling better. This is due to pregnancy.  It is temporary and besides you aren't even sure what is wrong!!!

She reaches for the tongs, but then sees I am not going to play any longer and puts them away for another day.

Still unsure of what is wrong, she decides I need this "therapy" twice a week for 4 weeks!! (I am sure this is what my insurance would cover...and she was milking it--I was getting better on my own) Oh and by the way I have to come in sometime M-F between 9 am and 3 pm. And then she would order me a brace.

Thanks but no thanks! The schedule was my excuse. I have to work and their hours do not accomodate my schedule. Screw the brace, the therapy was going to do more damage than the brace would ever resolve.

Now the next few days my arm hurt like CRAP and I am just now getting it back to where it was before I saw crazy lady. I realize that therapy can be painful, I just really question her technique and her expertise.

I am definitely telling my OB that they should think twice about referrals there.  It was truly an UNREAL experience!!!

All that and my wrist was fine. Things have been great until I needed a replacement mouse and Mr. Trackman has me back GOODe as new.

No rocks or hotdog tongs were used nor allowed to harm me (any longer) in the making of this post.


8 GOODe Thoughts:

That story just gave me a flashback to a "therapy" session I had for some vision issues, where the "therapist" wanted me to yell at my eyes and tell them I was angry. I stared at her, mouth hanging open, until she suggestd something else. I seem to remember that she wanted to see me several times a week as well. Or instead she would never see me again!

Heh. I had that "scraping" therapy for my wrists, too. I had a different problem (intersection syndrome) in both wrists. At least my guy didn't use a rock! He had "specially designed scraping tools." In my case, it did seem to help, for a while. Tho I ultimately ended up needing surgery on both wrists anyway.

lol. That's hilarious! Def. sounds like a shady place.

My wrists bothered me when I was prego, too, but they got better on their own.

I have never heard of being scraped with a rock!
Do we live in caves?
You should have seen my face when I read that! LOL!
I think I shall beware of $5 signs...
Thanks for the warning ;)
I am happy you have a new Man.

I used to have one of those...hmmm, I wonder where it ever went?

Found your blog through Follow Me Friday. I'm your newest follower. Visit my site if you get a chance.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Found your blog through Follow Me Friday. I'm your newest follower. Visit my site if you get a chance.

Have a GREAT weekend!


I used to have one of those...hmmm, I wonder where it ever went?

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