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Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a Goode Life: The Grinch That Stole My Sugar Cookies!

As you may have noticed, I have been MIA the last few days. This little bug I have had has ran me clean through the wringer and zapped my energy. Thanks to Daddy and Grandma little Add has been taken good care of and Mommy has gotten lots of sleep and is finally beginning to feel better.

Unfortunately, this weekend's unexpected visitor, let's call him the "Grinch Bug" ruined all my family and holiday plans for the weekend--including baking sugar cookies with little Miss Add. : (

So what is a little Christmas Fairy to do when Mommy is too sick to make sugar cookies with her as promised?

Pull out the imagination and some playdoh

And make some delicious cookies all on your own

Oh and get your best "Clint Eastwood" look on

Cookie making was a lot of fun

But quickly turned into snowball and snowman making

and smiley faces or "sfffiley face" as Add calls them

Ya might notice a few things about Goode playdoh playing

#1 We only play with one color at a time

Call me a kill joy, but this "rule" stems from my childhood

I always hated it when other kids would mix my playdoh

It would always turn out this muddled brown color...blech! What fun is that?

So we get every last bit of fun out of each color and then put it away and get the next color.

#2 We always play with playdoh on the cardboard

There are lots of leftover cardboard perks to having a facilitator mommy. Rule #2 will likely change when she and Gilbert get their table for Christmas. Rule #1 will likely not change until Addie is old enough to make her own playdoh decisions and rebel against Mommy's color preservation efforts.

Note: We put her wings on right side up...but they managed to get turned upside down. I bet THAT is why she kept flying into the couch... hmmm

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