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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Let's Talk

We need to have a serious conversation about some things. I just can't let another minute go by without discussing a few things with you.

Serious Conversation #1
If you have not partaken in the delectable treat known as McD's Apple Dippers--put down those french fries and get ya some--like now.

I know-- they look just like apples. And the sauce is just a carmel sauce--no biggie. But I am tellin' ya they are the best darn 100 calories around. I don't know how McD's made apple slices more appealing than french fries, but they did. I checked the label for crack, but it isn't in there.  I have made many a convert to these puppies--adults and kiddos alike.

Serious Conversation #2
If you have kids--get one of these:

Hopper ball--not adorable 2 yr old in a fedora. Well I do recommend the adorable 2 yr old in a fedora, but that is another conversation.

While the hopper ball may seem like it is for your child, it is not. It is entirely for you.


Let's do a multiple choice.

a.) It gives your child a focused activity to burn an immense amount of energy
b.) It offers a great source of entertainment for adults--especially during the learning how to use the hopper ball phase.
c.) There is just something about watching your two year-old bounce around without getting hurt
d.) All the above

Now I know why we had hopper ball day in gym class as kids--comic relief for the teachers

Serious Conversation #3
If you have not watched this series in its entirety-- do yourself a favor and netflix it.

There is nothing better than escaping to Stars Hollow after a rough day. It is like reading a good book--admittedly couch potato style-- but hey. I truly heart this series. Addie loves it too. She calls them "The Girls".

One day when we were out shopping and took a picture of ourselves in a mirror--Addie pointed at the picture and she said "The Girls!" It cracked me up. Sure you might take that as a sign we watch "The Girls" way too much-- I on the other hand,  found it endearing.

Whew... glad I got those things off my chest.

Now we can move on.

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