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Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Shhhh!

SPOILER ALERT: If you are a grandparent Do NOT read this entry. If you are other family members read at your own risk, but whatever you do, don't tell the grandparents about the gifts discussed in this entry.

Lookie what was waiting on me when I got home from works today :)


The box was surprisingly heavy.

When I cracked it open, this is what I found:

Addie in a box. What a delight!
 Our little book has a bar code...lol! I don't know why that surprised me.

Flip it over and ya got Baby Addie in a box. Ahh what happened to that little baby???

Pages of Addie. What could be a better gift :)

There's Hula Addie...

March Addie...

Addie Feet

May Addie

Addie with Great Grandma

Addie with Papaw

Florida Addie

and Birthday Addie!

This year's photo book is definitely a contender for the Best Seller List ;) I am waiting on the call...lol.

Psst...There was something else in my blurb box. Now-- Grandparents seriously do not read any further. Ahh who am I kidding-- both sets are on dial-up and this page will barely load. So everyone else please keep my secret. I have to share because I am so excited!!!

Drum roll please...

Did you know I am a childrens' book author?...lol!

I got an idea a few months ago. I knew Addie LOVED her storybooks and I knew both sets of her grandparents LOVED reading to her. So, I thought...

"Why not make a storybook about our family?"

So, I did. I converted pictures of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandma into sketches and added a little story explaining who is who from Addie's point of view.

I have to tell you Addie approved.
Oh lordy those dimples...


Addie loved checking out everyone in the family.

Much to my dismay--upon first look-- Miss Addie was most impressed with appearances from Duke (Grandma's Doggie), Big and Gilbert.

Not Daddy.

Not Mommy.

Not Memaw.

Not Papaw.

Eventually she came around and thought her old folks were pretty cool as cartoons. (But still not as cool as Gilbert wearing her crown!) I think this book is gonna be a favorite around these parts:) And, that is better than any Best Seller List.

blurb. blurb. blurb.

6 GOODe Thoughts:

I LOVE this idea! How personal, unique & wonderful!! I may have to work on one of these for gifts for next yr. I really like the cookbook option I found on their website. May have to make myself one of those! haha!

I have wanted to do the cookbook too! I just love that site!!!

Aw! Addie is so beautiful, what amazing blue eyes (and cute feet ;)!
I love this book idea!
I have never heard of Blurb, but I am gonna check them out :)
Thanks for coming to my blog- I hope I can be a blessing to you!

Thanks! Blurb is definite site to check out. Lots of fun to be had there! Love your site. I just love creative ideas!

Wow that is so cool. What a neat memory...are you going to let her color the pages? That rocks. Thanks for linking up.

Thanks. I never thought about her coloring them. That is a great idea!

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