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Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Just Wonderin'

Pardon my ignorance... I am curious tonight so I thought I'd just put it out there.

Wonderin' #1: So, is it Addie or are toddler jeans just not made to fit? That girl's pants are down around her booty more than they are up.

Wonderin' #1.5: Were Addie's pants down around her booty all day at daycare? Oh dear...

Wonderin' #2: Why does the weather have to turn cold? And on that note, why do teeth chatter?

Wonderin' #3: Why wasn't I born with a gene that makes me keep my home tidy, laundry washed and hang pictures straight? Call me lazy, call me crazy-- I just don't get how you folks do it. I can knock a project out of the park at work and work 15 straight hrs on something to make it right. But, get me home and I can't get myself organized to save my life...

Wonderin'#4: What do people do with all the paper they get in the mail? Bills, reminders, notes, fliers, magazines, birthday cards, pamphlets, notes from my politicians... Ack.  Do you file them? Recycle them? Shred them? Trash them? Seriously-- these stacks of paper are intimidating me. I am scared one day you will find me dead --suffocated under a stack of Marsh circulars.

Wonderin' #5: Does the time I spend clipping coupons X the time I spend searching for the product on said coupon really = savings? Ahhh who cares, I enjoy foolin' myself.

Wonderin' #6: Could I REALLY sleep all day if given the opportunity?--Oh how I would love to investigate.

Wonderin' #7: Why people are willing to pay $100-$200 more for a dishwasher with the ONLY additional feature being that it is quieter. REALLY?!? A quieter dishwasher is worth $200 bucks??? Ya kiddin' me? I have a 2 year old... I can't hear myself think let alone the dishwasher--I'll keep my $200--Thanks

Wonderin' #8: Am I gettin' sick? (think so) And if so, will I be feelin' better by Monday? I got a big week of meetings so I better... ya listenin' there ole body?

Wonderin' #9: Why are my feet a size 9.5 when they have been a size 10 all my life until now? Am I shrinkin'?

Wonderin' #10: Why do we need a million different kinds of light bulbs? I am not talking size so much-- I get that. I am talking about the part that screws in. You can have 2 light bulbs the same size with different ends... and in my house I always have the opposite one than the one I need... and the more choices at the store the more likely I am gonna get the wrong size. It is like batteries--WHY? I got enough stuff to keep track of... I mean we have tackled space travel, brain surgery and the microwave oven-- can't we get some of this stuff down to one size fits all?

Well that is about all of the universe I can handle contemplating right now. If ya got some answers, feel free to enlighten me. If ya just got some more questions--heck-- feel free to add ;)

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