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Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a Goode Life: What this blog is about...

We are back :) The holidays were great and we are definitely enjoying lots of family time while mommy is on vacay!

I am in photoshop heaven editing Christmas pictures. I think I took just shy of 450...lol. Thank heavens for my external hard drives ;) So, lots of pics to come, they just aren't ready yet :)

While there are tons of stories to share like when Aunt Lou scared the crap out of the poor guy sitting in front of us at the theater or about Addie's new song about toilet paper that is not what this blog is about.

And, not even about how I have been toddler-puked on twice in the last 24 hrs...  Side note: I know many of you know that "toddler-puked on" is a whole different breed of puke... It is an odd combination of a paralyzing game of "is she or isn't she" followed by "How on earth can something that little produce that much substance--not to mention project it that far" to utter compassion that your little monkey isn't feeling well to horror at how on earth you are going to get said substance out of your frieze (shag-like) carpet--blech.

No-- this blog isn't about that... I can't think about that for one more minute or I might get sick...

This blog is about how I began the holidays. Why? Because there is no better way to tell a story than start at the beginning... I just hate stories that start with a flash forward. Tell it to me in the order it happened--thank you!

Hidden in the picture below is what this blog is about...

No, not Aunt Lou's feet.

Nor the man playing with the doll.

Not even the adorable 2 yr old or the massive red present in the back that had her mesmerized all Christmas.


If you could look closely behind the cowlick on that 30 something lady's head you would see something quite painful.

That would be a big ole blue goose-egg from my cage fight with a pot.

Yeah, you heard me.

Like most mommies this time of year, I was frantically trying to shove 28 hrs into a 24hr day and as a result I fought the pot and the pot won.

Ya see, I have been sick for weeks and when you couple that with my procrastination tendencies and stir in a little holiday madness, full time job and  blend with unrealistic self-expectations you get a goose egg on your forehead.

On Christmas Eve, I was still feeling lousy but HAD to finish wrapping presents, preparing stockings and packing for several days of family fun. On top of that, my kitchen was a wreck and my darn dishwasher was driving me batty. And I had a lousy attitude to match.

That is when the pot decided to set me straight and knock some sense into me. I was innocently fighting with the dishwasher when I bent over and walloped my forehead on the handle of one of my lovely Calphalon pots.  It about knocked me out. I still don't know how an empty pot didn't move, but this sucker held its ground.

What followed was silly but necessary. I sat on the floor an bawled my eyes out.

Addie peeked around the corner to see her blubbering mommy and said "Mommy, whatcha cryin' about?"

I bawled because I was tired.

Because my kitchen was a mess.

Because I was sick.

Because my baby will only be 2 once.

Because someone had hurt my feelings.

Because I was a grouch.

Oh, and because that darn pot HURT me!-- which is the only reason in the list that I told Addie at the time.

It wasn't long before I pulled my big girl panties up and got over it and got down to what was important... time with family and with that little sweetheart.

I still have a bruise on my forehead. I am still sick. And shocker--a messy kitchen yet again, but I also have a better attitude and have a lot of time to spend with the loves of my life ;)

Mommies out there, take it from me... don't resort to having your kitchenware turn on ya. Let this be the one time of year when we put away our super mom capes and become human. Take a break and enjoy those little monkeys!

Merry Christmas!

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