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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Finally

Well it is Wednesday and I am happy to report that this past week went a lot better than last... 

First and foremost, El looked more like this past week...

Truth be told, I giggle every time I look at this picture... check out the pulse... proof El is out to kill me...

Regardless of her motives, I gave her the time promised and it paid off this week... to the tune of 3.4 lbs.


There you have it... I gots to give El the time of day.

Besides that-- how did I do???

Well here is this week's grade card.

Weight Loss
Overall Balance

So, I am at B- and above in every category...

Which is a major improvement...

And besides, my parents weren't very found of the Cs when I was in school. I remember being terrified when I got the first one in the 7th grade...

Pre-Algebra trauma aside... Much like school days, I am not going to be satisfied until I can get all those areas in the A range.

So, how did you do this week?


6 GOODe Thoughts:

Great job Cris! I had good intentions this week, but had some curveballs thrown my way! Hopefully I will feel better by this weekend and be able to get on board. Keep up the great work and you will get that dress zipped for sure!


I swear I lost 5 pounds today, but I haven't checked to make it official. My neighbor's sister passed away, and my group of church ladies (called a Circle around here) was up for the funeral dinner. The school is NOT air conditioned; that's where we have such gathering, so it was a hot time in the kitchen and the gym. THEN had to take the truck w/o air conditioning about 30 miles north to pull the fuel tank back. Both girls fell asleep on our 35-40 mph. drive home. I'm too hot to eat, but I had water and a banana.

Congrats! I need to start working on some weight loss, but I'm still nursing and don't want my supply to tank if I cut out too many calories. Guess I should start exercising!

A pound loss is a pound off!! Congrats. . . can you pass along some motivation for exercising? Have a good week.

Yay! Congrats sis! And thank you for not supplying me with the popcorn I requested. ;) It has paid off. I'm not sure what I am down this week...but overall, I am down 7 pounds! Just 4 more to go, and I will be back at my low weight from last year (which is the weight I was when I met Michael)! My dress better fit! haha :)

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