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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesdays: As Big as a House

A Chuck & Beans cartoon by Brian from the Shoebox Blog. See more Chuck & Beans cartoons here.

I laughed so hard when I saw this cartoon on Pinterest that I had to find its source. LOVE that Shoebox blog and I thought it very appropriate for today's Weight Loss Wednesday post.

Anyhoo, before we get started, I gots to share something with ya...

If the above cartoon is true, then there are several hundred termites around here that should be looking about as big as a house about right now... my house that is... just sayin'

We will now pause now for a brief PSA on the matter.

Have you had your house inspected (FOR FREE) by a company that specializes in termite extermination--THIS YEAR?


Do it. Now. I'll wait.

Why do you ask?

Floor joists turn into toothpicks pretty quickly... just sayin'

Never fear, all of this mess is being fixed, treated and those little suckers are either gone or on their way to being dead... and we are now on an annual plan so that they don't eat us out of house and home...

So what does this have to do with Weight Loss Wednesday?

Well, this little hiccup has sent us back into renovation mode (TEMPORARILY) and is about to send me over the edge. 

The ceiling had to come down to make sure that our bedroom didn't fall into our livingroom/play area... (and thankfully the little boogers only took out one floor joist and were focused on mauwing down on a closet so, the rest of the floor was just fine.)

HOWEVER, that meant the playroom and living room were OUT OF COMMISSION all last week and all this week... and that would include El... (and did I mention my sanity...a.ka. playroom).

Where the weighty part of this subject comes in is that I had a fatty winter due much in part to the stress around the world being turned upside down for the kitchen remodel  ... Weight loss and remodeling do not go together... just sayin'

Add to that no El... and trying to work without a playroom to entertain and engage with Miss Add... and add to that the inability for Miss Add to play outside because of the rain that just won't stop... and you have me fearing that dang dress doesn't have a prayer....

HOWEVER, miracle of miracles... despite everything I still lost 3 lbs this week!

AND, Puddie has promised a working livingroom/play area by tomorrow... so, I should be able to do fine without skipping a beat...

Weight Loss
Overall Balance

Now... I know I need to get refocused and back on track...

So, now... where is that skinny person???


8 GOODe Thoughts:

Way to go! Good for you! Keep up the good work!
I only lost 2 this week..but I'm down 9 lbs since April 25th! Woo Hoo! :-)

I need to get on the scales again, but I think I am down a couple too! Good Heavens! SO glad you found those little "boogers" when you did! Stress is my enemy too, and the weather has really been stinky around here. The girls are becoming couch potatoes! UGH!

I need to start evaluating myself more like you do. Exercise is not my strong suit right now unless you count walking back and forth from field to field or lane to lane to fetch a truck or some piece of machinery! Guess it will have to do until the sun decides to show itself!

Hang in there!

YEAH!!! So happy for you about the weight loss (not the termites!) Way to go girl! :)

Congrats! Two pounds to a heathy weight loss per week so you should be excited after all you and your family are going through. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can find sometime to go for that walk we talked about. That is if the rain stops anytime soon! : ) Love Ya

Hysterical...can I get your recipe for "a skinny person?" I need to eat that immediately!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

Whoa, 3 pounds! That's awesome! Keep it up.

Love that cartoon!! Think I need to print it and put it on the mirror!!

Congratulations on the three pounds! And that is a hilarious cartoon. :-) Termites: Now I have another reason why I should appreciate the cold winters of Wisconsin. I don't think termites live in this climate.

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