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Monday, May 16, 2011

Savory Pancakes

Truth be told, sweets lover that I am, I am still an absolute sucker for a savory breakfast (remember those uber-yummy savory muffins... yum!).  

That is why I was so tickled that you guys choose Savory Pancakes from the Easy-Breezy Breakfasts section for me to share here.

This lovely recipe is just one of many yummy super-easy treats you will find in the brand new Gooseberry Patch 101 Easy Everyday Recipes.

And... despite the recent Blogger outage, we are still giving away a copy of this lovely book BEFORE it hits store shelves! Have ya entered yet???

This recipe is a fantastic recipe for the kiddos... Miss Add and I dubbed them "Pizza Pancakes".

We started out with 2 Cups Bisquick...

Then 1 Cup Milk... and 2 Eggs- beaten... I just use whites...

Mix 'er up

Now add 1/2 Cup Shredded Mozzarella

1/2 Cup Pepperoni... We used these cute little Turkey Pepperonis to cut down on the fat.

1/2 Cup of Tomato- chopped

1/4 Cup of Green Pepper- Chopped

2 t Italian Seasoning

And mix 'er up!

Now take 1/4 cupfuls and pour them on a hot griddle... I used my large cookie scoop and it worked beautifully

Speaking of griddles... I have told ya how thoughtful my mom is... well she knew I wanted to build up my cast iron collection and she found this awesome griddle and a large skillet for $5 each at a garage sale and bought them right up for me!

They both need a little seasoning, but with all the cooking I do, they should be GOODe and seasoned in no-time.


Once you have the pancakes on the griddle... then you watch for the bubbles to start popping...

Then you know it is time to flip.

Now for keeping things real... PROOF that I am a lousy pancake flipper...

Ah well... I need to keep practicing...

Now top your pancakes with warm tomato sauce and fresh (or grated) parm...


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5 GOODe Thoughts:

oh my goodness, those sound fabulous! I'm a sucker for savory breakfasts, too

These are awesome! Thanks for linking up to Hunk of Meat Monday!

You made me smile w/ your "keepin' it real"! That's why I love ya! ;-)

Hmmmmmmm....... wonder if my crew would "bite" on this one! It's definitely worth a try!

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