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Monday, May 2, 2011

Addie's Craft Corner: Mother's Day Flowers Craft

Miss Add has been a busy little bee. My little Monkey is all about the crafts and so we have decided to follow in Big Sissy's Cooking with an 8 Year Old's footsteps and give Miss Add her own series: Addie's Craft Corner.

With Mother's Day just a week away, Miss Add decided to make up some super special flowers for her Memaws.

First she picked out two matching foamie stickers in the shapes of heart and flowers for each of her flowers

Meanwhile mama took green pipecleaners and twisted them into double loops...

Then mama twisted them 2/3 of the way down another pipecleaner to make the perfect stem.

Miss Add then took the stems and stuck them between the two stickers.

Then she added back the centers to any that needed them.


And the base flower was complete.

Then Miss Add got busy decorating each flower with a special touch.

First she painted them...

And later she added glitter and pompoms to make them complete.

Then we took a large and small pompom to make our little buzzy bee for our bouquet.

Miss Add glued those babies together and then we grabbed some googley eyes.

And glued them on...

Then we took a black pipe cleaner and left room for a stinger and then wrapped it around mama's finger.

Mama then wrapped the bee to give her stripes and a stinger.

And wrapped once more.

Then we clipped a pipecleaner in half and formed the antennas

And glued them on...

Then we got down to making the vase. Miss Add gave it her special touch... sure to melt any Memaws' heart ;)

Then we slapped some glue dots on the side and created a cylinder.

Next we taped the flowers in place on the inside of the vase and arranged them around...

Then, we crumpled up two pieces of construction paper into two balls.

We then placed one ball up in the bottom of the vase and one in the top to keep everything in place.

TaDah! Very special flowers for two very special Memaws...




Memaw was pleased...


What special things do you have planned for the mamas in your life?


3 GOODe Thoughts:

How very sweet and cute!!!!! Flowers that will never wither and die!

Absolute perfection! Love a crafty girl and there's nothing better than homemade gifts!

Oh My Goodness! A Katie Brown in the making, but LOTS cuter. :-)

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