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Friday, May 27, 2011

I was a Senior Hottie

There are some gals in the blogosphere having quite a ball with some senior hottie flash backs... and as someone always willing to poke fun at myself... I thought I'd play along!

Here Aunt Lou and I were at my graduation... weren't we such pretty cryers???

Here I am in my Senior prom get up... including every detail like silver fingernails and a backwards French braid up the back of my head.

You can't fully appreciate the braid and its awesomeness from this shot... it took hours... and had to be done.

Truth be told though... nothing could outdo my junior year hotness... I mean seriously...

We're talking black velvet, poofy arms AND a built in choker... just sayin'

Check out the other hotties over at A Belle, A Bean and A Chicago Dog.


14 GOODe Thoughts:

I had a french braid too. Both dresses are wonderful.

I think half the girls at my junior prom wore a dress like that! AWESOMENESS!

The feather sleeves AND backwards french braid?!?! You were cutting edge, girl!

Thank you, thank you for linking up! Pretty tears and all!

Your junior prom dress is nearly identical to my junior prom dress...we rocked! haha!

Built in choker. So. Awesome. :)

Dude, you were so HAWT back then! (You're even more purdy now...just sayin') :)

You rocked those dresses. You were a hottie for sure.

Sweet! Ah the good ol' days. Glad you can look back with a smile. They were fun. Loved your dresses!

I'm so jealous! You were HOT!
I don't have any pictures from pre-college days... I think my sister has everything. I'll have to give her a call to see what I can find!
Too funny!

still having trouble with commenting ;-) but you looked gorgeous!

And yes it brings back soooo many memories!


This is so awesome!! I don't think I have any pictures from my senior year around my house, but I'll look.

OK, so the built in choker dress absolutely takes the cake for so far on the hottie shots!
Just LOVE it really, and the pout - you have it going ON!


And he married you anyway! :-)

Just kiddin' Those pics are cute. And remember, at the time, you were so en vogue!

I love it. So sad that I - ahem - don't have a scanner to be able to share such pics of me. And the braid? Wasn't it called a Dutch braid? That's what we always called it - and I still sometimes do it to myself. Or I did until I cut off all my hair anyway! :) Such a hottie you were!

PS This is Michelle from Honest & Truly! but it keeps telling me that my google account is logging me in as anonymous. boo!

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