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Saturday, May 7, 2011

So Which One WOULD I Choose?

Dear Reader-
It is no surprise that I am an uber-fan of Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks... two seconds here and you get that picture loud and clear ;)

So, when folks get to thinking they might want to have some of these GOODe books around their own house, I'm often asked which ones are my favorites or which ones I would recommend... So, I thought I would do a little post on that subject.

Decisions, decisions...

When entering my kitchen, most of the time you will see this site on one of the islands...

That would be two...not one GP books laying wide open... so let's start out with what have I been cooking from lately... (Note: All book links in this post are affiliate links.)

On the counter as we speak is Summer in the Country... I absolutely adore this Basil & Tomato Marinade from this book. 

Oh. My. Word. 

It is an amazing dressing too!

The reason this baby is on the counter is because I have bought groceries to cook several new recipes from it... coming soon ;)

Also on the counter is Quick & Easy Autumn Recipes... despite the fact it is spring ;)

From this baby comes great recipes like:

To name a few ;)

I organize my recipes with these little tabbie thingies...

So are ya wonderin' which of my books has the most tabbies right now???

Although you can't really see them in this picture, I assure you, Mom's Favorite Recipes has the most.

This is the cookbook that I have been cooking through in my Goode & Gooseberry Patch Project. I have cooked up tons of recipes from this awesome book.

Some of my favorites have to be:
Caramel Brownies
Rhode Island Peach Slump
Zucchini Frittata 
Best Pork Chops
Favorite Corn Casserole

So what cookbook has the second most number of tabbies???

That would be the yet-to-be-released 101 Easy Everyday Recipes cookbook that Gooseberry Patch sent me to review and give away a copy to you next week! 

Psst... Have you voted on which recipes you want to see on here? Voting ends tomorrow.

Another way I love to have my Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks is on my iPad... 

Truth be told, I bought e-cookbooks before I had an iPad... 

You can always download them to your PC/Laptop for no extra charge and I loved being able to access them from my smart phone too... ya know at the grocery store when I forgot to look to see what ingredients I needed... ya know like THAT ever happened ;)

My favorite e-book cookbook is hands down Homemade Christmas (here is the regular book version link).

This Oh-So-Easy Pot Roast Dinner from this book is a MUST TRY! Love this recipe!!!

Next up are books like One Pot Meals that have tons of recipes I am dying to try and are next on my list to really cook from... 

I like this book so much that I bought several copies for family members for Christmas. So many of these recipes will be perfect for FREEZE-O-RAMA days too.

Slow Cooker Recipes also falls into my next up to cook from books... I heart my crock-pot ya know ;)

Also up to cook from is another yet-to-be released cookbook that Gooseberry Patch sent me... Quick & Easy Christmas Recipes. I am so excited... I soo love GP's Christmas cookbooks... there is nothing like them. 

Oh... and when we get around to this baby... you guessed it... they sent me one for you too! Another giveaway!

Last in the category of "to cook from soon" is Kids in the Kitchen Year 'Round Fun. Miss Add and I are soo looking forward to digging into this kid friendly GP book...

But... if you made me choose... forced me to choose my absolute favorite... I will always have a special place in my heart for my first Gooseberry Patch cookbook... Best-Ever Casseroles.

This baby holds some of family's favorite recipes like:

All of these have been in my freezer at one point or another and work great with FREEZE-O-RAMA (or once a month cooking/freezer cooking).

So there you have it... do you have a favorite cookbook? I'd love to hear about it!

So where do I buy my cookbooks?

I heart Amazon. They usually have the best prices and if I order a couple books, they don't charge shipping. 

From time to time I use my Joann Fabric newspaper coupon to get one of their selected GP books for 50 % off... or sometimes Hobby Lobby has the seasonal books and I use their 40% off coupon there.

I know that Gal has found them at half price bookstores before and Miss Liz has found them for a steel on sale at Cracker Barrel.

Then there is alway GP's online store itself ;)

Regardless of where you buy them or what you buy, you are sure to find a great cookbook if it is GP... and NO they aren't paying me to say it...


8 GOODe Thoughts:

Wow! You have a lot of their books! I just love their recipes! Thanks for these links!

Have a wonderful Mother's day!!


What a collection you have! I'm such a cookbook hound....just love scanning them all:)

that is so funny you wrote this post, I just asked this same question yesterday :) Thanks again for your help. I am looking into a couple.


What a wonderful collection you have there. It is terrific!

Cris, thank you SO much for being such a passionate Gooseberry Patch fan, cook and ambassador. We appreciate all the time, effort and HEART you put into posts like this - and all the others too! :)

Cris, I am right there with you on the Gooseberry Patch Christmas cookbooks! I love them so much that since my birthday is in late November, I always ask for the newest one as a birthday present from any one of my family members!

Agree, agree, agree! My "most-tabbed" is Country Quick and Easy...I'm making dinner out of it tonight!

Your cookbooks look like mine...full of tabs! It would be so hard for me to decide which GP cookbook is my favorite..I guess it depends which one I am cooking from at the time! :-)
I'm having a 'Name That Recipe' contest at my new cooking blog! Come check it out!

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