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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Mommy Secrets: Random Tips From My Kitchen

I have been in uber-bloggy mode this past week, snapping pictures of just about everything!

One of the things I noticed when flipping through my pics was a lot of random tips from my kitchen.

Now, none of them are rocket science -- and you probably already know most of them-- but some of them do make life a little handier in "getting it all done".

TIP #1: Store the best ever Guacamole in a bag-- sealed tight with all the air let out and you can have a portioned fiesta for several days from your fridge!

TIP #2: When the guac is running low, snip one corner of the baggie and use it like a pastry bag to neatly squirt that yummy GOODeNESS on your last few chips ;)

If you use your cutting boards as much as I do, they tend to get a little worn after a while...

TIP #3: Use a couple Tablespoons of Canola Oil on your wooden cutting boards to get them looking and conditioned to as GOODe as new.

Note: Dried out wooden boards like this will crack if you don't keep them conditioned... so it ain't just about looks baby ;)

Don't forget the edges folks ;)

TIP #4: Make grill time a snap by pre-freezing your hamburger patties formed and seasoned. You can slap them on a hot grill straight from the freezer .

TIP #5: Grocery store prices got you down? Buy that meat in bulk and use it for multiple recipes

This is a $10 Pork Loin from Aldis. From it I made:

3 Meals of different Pork Marinades (to be shared on Sweet Jeanette during the first week of June)...

And 3 Meals of Zippy Pulled Pork Sandwiches from my crockpot (recipe coming soon...)

We ate one the day I cooked it, put one family portion in the fridge for sandwiches the next day...

And one family portion in the freezer for another day's quick meal. 

That is 6 meals with 4 different flavors from a $10 piece of meat... 

That is $1.67 PER MEAL for a family of 3.

This example included two other tips:

TIP #6: Use a crockpot liner. They are from heaven. Amen.

TIP #7: If your family isn't huge into left overs, freeze them and use them later in the month as a "new" meal with very little effort.

I know I mentioned this yesterday, but it is worth repeating...

TIP #8: If you like to bake, get a silpat mat. They are worth their weight in gold!

Love sweet corn, but hate to wait on the water to boil?

TIP #9: Place sweet corn in a microwave safe bowl with 1/4 cup of water in the bottom. Cover and cook on high for 6 minutes. Carefully check (STEAM!) for doneness and nuke a little longer if ya need to. 

Perfect corn on the cob in minutes!

Grilling fish on cedar planks but don't want to use up your sink to let them soak?

TIP #10: Grab a cookie sheet, fill it with water and place the planks in for a few hours. Weight them down if need be... but enjoy your free sink and lovely Cedar-Lime Tilapia (recipe coming soon).

Well I told ya it would be random;) 

What tips do you use in your kitchen to keep mama sane and the kiddos and family fed?

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4 GOODe Thoughts:

Geat ones Cris!! My favorite tip is buying meat in bulk!! I'm still pimping our beef if you know anyone that's interested! ;) Butchering is scheduled for August 2011.

Love your cutting board!!!

Thanks for sharing those tips!

Very helpful tips! My cutting board is cracked and terribly faded - it needs some TLC! We like to cook our corn in foil on the grill (with lots of butter) yum - can't wait for that!

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