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Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: Great Plates

This weekend Miss Add and I got down to the business of some plate decoratin'

I saw the idea in one of my cookbooks while prepping for FREEZE-O-RAMA.

So when Add and I went shoppin', we stopped by Michaels and grabbed some porcelain paint pens with our 40% off coupon.

Note: Make sure you get the porcelain paint/paint pens. The other ceramic paint said you could bake it, but it also had a warning regarding avoiding food contact... And I don't know about your plates, but mine like food contact... they are weird like that.

Then we grabbed some Corelle plates and got to work.

I heart Corelle.

And not just because this clip proves they TOTALLY get me:

Anyhoo, we began by tracing Miss Add's hand print on her plate.

It was as easy as 1-2-3 and a couple "hold stills"

It was a little messy, but nothin' a baby wipe couldn't take care of...

Speakin' of baby wipes...

HOW I lived without them before the monkey, I do not know...

Once everyone got their hand print recorded, Mommy decorated them up and labeled them.

Now I wouldn't know it, but those baby wipes might just come in handy if you mess up during the decorating phase.

They might just be able to wipe away any mistakes lickety spilt... just sayin'

They then dried for 24 hrs and then I baked them according to the paint instructions.

The designs are now set in the plates and dishwasher safe. Mommy score!
After I made mine, I saw this super cute variation over at At Second Street.

I feel another project comin' on... Just sayin'

5 GOODe Thoughts:

You make me laugh, you silly! I love the plate for Gilbert, and your face while you are holding up Addie's hand, LOL! Looks like you had fun! And this would be a GREAT idea for a present for a grandma or grandpa birthday.
I like silly, by the way...it is good medicine :)
Blessings to you!

What a great idea!
I wish that I had done something like that when my kids were little.
Oh well, it will be a great project to file away and use someday when we have grands :)
(even though that might be 20 years from now:)

Thanks ladies!

Great gift idea Leslie!

Kerin- My mom is always doing neat things with her on their visits and sending me sweet gifts when I least expect it.

awesome idea! I will have to do this with my niece for mother's day!

Great idea HilBil :) I bet her mommy will love it!

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