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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Goode Goodeness: Deep Dish Pizza

We have almost made a complete rotation of FREEZE-O-RAMA meals.

Truth be told, we have had one of everything but the Beef Stroganoff which seems to have hidden itself somewhere in the deep freeze. Rest assure Mr. Stroganoff... I am coming for ya and there will be no where to hide...

Anyhoo, to celebrate the completion of one FREEZE-O-RAMA rotation, we took a little break and whipped up our family's  Deep Dish Pizza with some of our frozen seasoned ground beef and frozen chopped bell pepper--which made an easy dish even easier! Mommy score!

So, I started by putting some Jiffy in bowl.

I heart Jiffy pizza crust.

I used one box for this batch to keep it on the lighter fare side. Which isn't really a deep dish crust, but it helps keep me and my skinny jeans talkin'.

However, when I am making it for guests or craving some carbs-- I always use 2 boxes.

Prepare the mix as instructed on the box.

Mix'er up

Toss 'er in the sprayed pan... Patty-cake style

This is where the 2 box recipe would have come in handy. But if you are determined you can make one box...


Two-boxers should push the dough about half-way up the sides of the pan.

Now it is time to grab a fork and take out your aggressions on the dough. 

Go ahead... stab it. It's ok. I promise. Then pop 'er in the oven for a quick 5 minutes.

In the meantime, grab your toppings.

NOTE: If you don't have your beef already ready in your freezer, then you should prepare it before your crust. I doll mine up with 1 small onion and a couple cloves of garlic.

Now quick, pull out your crust... you could say in a jiffy ;)

Then pour on the sauce. As little or as much as you'd like.

BUT be careful to not burn yourself while operating a camera while making a pizza or this is what you will get.

1 boxers should spread sauce to the edge.

2 boxers should really put their gloves away... seriously, I can not watch boxing. I know it is a sport and all...but there really has to be a better way...

Ahem... I mean 2 boxers should just spread the sauce to the inside portion but not up the sides.

Add your burger

Then your 'shrooms and 1/4 cup bell pepper.

As you can see we LOVE mushrooms, so I use 2 jars.

Then some olives.

I am on an olive kick.

Then top with 2 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese and bake 'er up until the cheese is bubbly.

(About 20-25 minutes)

Yummo! Enjoy!

4 GOODe Thoughts:

We made homemade pizza the other night too!
Our youngest son, used to work for Papa Johns Pizza. He is the best dough slapper! We always put him in charge of getting the pizza dough ready. I am adding your blog to my blog list, that way I can share your cute blog with folks! Have a great day.

YUM! This is the same method I use for our homemade pizza :)

Kerin- I heart Papa Johns ;) Thanks for the add!

Terra- There isn't anything better, is there!?!

YUM! This is the same method I use for our homemade pizza :)

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