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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goode Things: Prim? Yes. Proper? It's Goode, who cares.

Ah, free time-- that mythical, magical place that every mother dreams of...

Psst I found some!

Turns out about 2 hrs/night is hiding in my freezer ;)

So, with all of this blessed free time I have between not cooking and not cleaning up--I have had a moment to look around Goode Estates (estates--Ha!) and pay a little attention to my poor neglected (aka dusty) homespun prim country favors throughout our little home.

I soon realized that I haven't been decorating  and crafting like I used to LOVE to do... that could be because our house isn't nearly as tidy as it once was... I gots excuses... but I doubt you're interested in my excuses--I know I ain't.

So with my new found time... I am about to change all that. This house is going to become a home once again dag-gone-it!

I mean-- if I don't get back on the ball, who else is going to make signs like this (above) that make my mother-in-law laugh? You may not think that is a big deal, but you haven't heard her laugh at this sign;)

I just heart finding inexpensive country decor and playing house with it ;)

I love the homespun feel and the occasional chuckle.

This is my new favorite Goode thing ;) My mama got it for me for Christmas. I think I am going to fill this little recipe box up with all of my favorite freezer recipes for quick access and a perfect little memory keepsake for Add when she grows up.

Speaking of Add, she just loves Mommy's old Raggedy Ann from when she was little.

Truth be told I am still a raggedy collector to this day ;)

The dolls just make me smile.

Oh and if ya can't tell I LOVE the little tea-stained pillows too. They are so easy to make too! I will try to make some soon and post about it.

Don't ya just love it when your decor matches your values;)

So here's to giving the Ole homestead a little TLC in the near future...

3 GOODe Thoughts:

What a cute post!
Love the pillows! Seriously, I really should make a few for our home.
I linked over to your cutie-pie blog from my followers list. Thanks for caring about what po-dunky things are going on in my life. :)
I must say, if I have to pick a favorite thing, my favorite is the 'country market' sign!
Have a great day!

Thanks for stoppin' by Kerin!

I just love your word art on your blog--that and the cozy atmosphere ;)

Thanks for stoppin' by Kerin!

I just love your word art on your blog--that and the cozy atmosphere ;)

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