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Friday, March 12, 2010

Goode Goodeness: Lasagna in a Pot

Tonight's recipe is a Goode favorite and Goode original- Lasagna in a Pot. This is one of those great "just dump it in and cook it up recipes."

Now I realize the picture above is NOT literally Lasagna in a Pot... there is Lasagna there, but there is no pot... this is due to an adjustment for FREEZE-O-RAMA.

So, to make it easy-- let's just pretend there is a pot there...

Start with preparing 1 box of lasagna noodles broken into thirds.

Then prepare 1lb seasoned ground beef. I used leftover FREEZE-O-RAMA beef.

If you are starting from scratch toss 1lb ground beef (I use extra lean) in with 1 small onion (chopped) and a couple cloves of garlic (minced). Season with Kosher salt and fresh black cracked pepper.

Now while I was waiting on you to do all that heavy labor, I was sitting over here painting my nails because FREEZE-O-RAMA changed my life...lol! ;)

Now quick... back to your pasta. Drain and set aside.

Take a large jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce and dump her in the now empty pot.

Toss in your ground beef labor.

Then toss your noodles back in.

Now, ya might notice that my noodles are looking a bit stripey.

That would be because I grabbed the wrong kind : /... the "no boil" kind.

 Ah well... it turned out ok.

Now toss in a jar of drained sliced mushrooms... or if you dare, throw in two.

We heart mushrooms around here.

Now throw in a small container of cottage cheese. If you prefer to be less down home and more true to the original-- feel free to use ricotta cheese.

Add some Kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Why? Because it is simply wrong to have cottage cheese without pepper. Period. There is no negotiating here.

Now you add a small bag of mozzarella cheese.

(If you are going to freeze this, only add 1/2 of the cheese at this point.)

If you are a true Lasagna in a Pot creator, this is where you stir it up and heat through and serve.

If you are a FREEZE-O-RAMA MAMA, you will want to just mix as is then put in your casserole dishes.

Then once you are thawed and ready to prepare, top with 1/2 small bag of mozzarella cheese and bake on 350 until bubbly.

and heavenly ;)

1 GOODe Thoughts:

Oh yummy!
I especially like being able to freeze some for another night!
Have a great day!

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