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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Goode Grab Bag

Tonight we gots a Goode Grab Bag...


Just cause ;)

Item #1
Ladies and Gentlemen. DRUM ROLL please...

We have light bulbs! Shocker! (Pun intended...heck --it is safe to assume that puns are ALWAYS intended).

Puddie found them! And then he bought all they had ;) According to the woman in the know at Lowes these babies are hard to come by...

Really? I hadn't noticed.

I am tellin' ya there are ceiling fans everywhere down to their last bulb with no were to turn. It is such a sad state of affairs...

Item #2
The Goode Gals will be getting their craft on this weekend. I was flippin' through one of my Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks this week and saw a great idea for the kiddos. We are going to get some food safe porcelain paint and paint up some old dishes with fun Designs by Miss Add.

I am also thinking I might do some more prim pillows this weekend as well... and then who knows what ideas might come about once we make a trip to Michaels/Hobby Lobby. Glad I saved my paper. This mama LOVES her coupons.

Any other kid friendly ideas?

Item #3
I am also going to attempt to make some foaming liquid hand soap using a recipe I found over at  Infarrantly Creative . I am really excited about this because we LOVE foaming hand soap and it is super expensive. So this will be a nice creative solution.

Item #4
I am feeling technologically challenged. This is a new one for me.

I knew it would happen one day. I just ain't as hip as the kiddies these days.

Outdated at 31...humph. 

What you have just witnessed is a Palm Pixi Pity Party.

Oh don't give me wrong I love everything about it... everything except the phone part. And that part is growing on me... I am just feeling a little outdated. That and if you are programed into my phone you are subject to be called (sometimes numerous times) at any moment...and my phone doesn't care who you are or what time of night...errr early morning... Just ask Aunt Lou ;) When my phone gets lonely-sitting on the counter all by its lonesome --it likes to give her a call.

Item #4
I think Daylight Savings Time would be much more accepted if we just fell back each time... eventually we'd catch up... just sayin'

Item #5
Betcha can't watch this without smilin'

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