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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Super Easy Puddin' Cake

I am sooo excited to finally share with you one of family's favorite recipes... Super Easy Puddin' Cake.

It is my favorite because it is super easy and super versatile...

It is Puddie's favorite because it has chocolate and raspberries...

And, truth be told, it is Miss Add's favorite because it is cake...

You might recall that I shared earlier this week that while I was doing and Early Bird Review on a new Gooseberry Patch cookbook, I discovered --much to my surprise--that this lovely recipe is featured in Gooseberry Patch's new cookbook Homestyle in a Hurry! (Psst... if you would like to win this book before you can buy it in stores, check out my Early Bird Giveaway.)


I was so thrilled... no only because I was featured, but because this little cake has a special meaning to the Goodes... Ya see it was a part of another bet that my poor husband made (and lost). 

Side Note to Puddie: Do you see a trend here dear? Perhaps you should give up on that betting stuff???

Ya see, pre-Miss Add we were having a disagreement on where El (our elliptical machine) would take residence since our gym was going to become the nursery. I firmly wanted it in the living room--thinking that the constant visual guilt would more than likely get me up on the thing more than tucked away in my bedroom... Puddie wanted it out of sight. 

He thought he knew just how to get his way... he knew I thought that we were having a girl and he just KNEW we were having a boy. So, the bet goes... if he won (a boy), I would just have to make a Puddin' Cake and the elliptical went upstairs, but if I won (a girl) the elliptical would go in the living room.

To say he was SHOCKED to find that he and 70 years of nothin' but boys in the Goode family were beat by a mother-to-be's intuition is an understatement...

So, as he moved the elliptical to the spot in the living room where it sits to this day, I whipped him up a Puddin' Cake to help him recover :) The cake and our precious little Miss Add did just the trick :)

As for the Puddin' Cake, it really is easy as pie!

Just bake up your favorite cake mix. I made mine with devils food. Bake it in two round pans for a fancy look ;)

Now cut off the excess cake as a yummy snack and way of making your cake level...

Then flip out onto a cooling rack and cool completely

Meanwhile mix up 2 small boxes of pudding... I used chocolate. And set aside.

Now place the first layer on a platter and cover with pudding.

Toss on a few fresh raspberries...

Put second layer on top...

Cover with remaining pudding.

And decorate with remaining berries.


But here is the fun part... think about how many different combos you can make with this recipe...

Butter Pecan Cake, Butterscotch Pudding and Toasted Pecans

Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake Pudding and Strawberries

White Cake, Chocolate Pudding and White Chocolate Shavings

Lemon Cake, Lemon Pudding, Whipped Cream

Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Pudding, Toasted Pecans and Caramel Sauce...

I could go on and on...

And, for the dieters out there, grab the sugar free cake and make it with lowfat substitutes (applesauce for oil and egg whites only) and grab the sugar free/fat free puddings...



11 GOODe Thoughts:

CONGRATULATIONS - that is really cool! And to be honest if I had raspberry's in the fridge I would be eating this cake in about an hour - def. goin' to the store tmw.

I have been doing my own form of this cake for years! Sad to say, I am not as creative as you, but we will definitely try some of these combinations out. I usually use a 9X13 pan and just frost the top with pudding. I know, my presentation skills are non-existent. I like to make a chocolate, white, or yellow cake with chocolate pudding. I started doing it years ago because frosting is just too sweet and I love the way it taste with pudding. Vanilla pudding with strawberries or bananas (or both) is also yummy.

I love chocolate.
I love raspberries.
I hate it that I MUST cut back after way too many yummy treats over Christmas. :-(

oh my!!! It is a good thing that I ate the bowl of raspberries this morning!! I am trying to cut back on the sweets. ouch! : )
Have a great friday.

I haven't seen this recipe before. Another one I'll be trying soon.

Yum Yum!! That looks very tasty!
And yes I figured it out...

Please oh pretty please save me a piece! Hide it from Mikey for me! :)

Please oh pretty please save me a piece! Hide it from Mikey for me! :)

Yum Yum!! That looks very tasty!
And yes I figured it out...

Oh my! That cake looks so delicious with all those fresh berries on top. You have more willpower than me. I wouldn't want an elliptical sitting in my living room making me feel guilty :) I'd love for you to come by and show off your recipe at These Chicks Cooked Recipe Spotlight today. Have a blessed day :)

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