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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Glistening Strawberry Salad

So, this may not be the prettiest picture, but this little dish was a big hit with the family. It seems like forever since I have posted a recipe from my "cooking through an entire cookbook series"-- Goode & Gooseberry Patch Project.

But this little gem--Glistening Strawberry Salad-- just so happens to be one I can check off my list ;)

I made this over Christmas in lieu of my mama's cranberry salad...

You start out by dissolving strawberry jello in 1 1/2 cups boiling water.

Now add 10 oz of thawed sweetened strawberries

and 8 oz of crushed pinneapple

Mix 'er up and strain out the fruit... now I had to improvise since we had misplaced the strainer... so I used a splatter screen.

Sometimes a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do... just sayin'

Now take 1 cup of the juice and reserve it.

Return the rest of the juice back to the fruit

And pour the mixture into a sprayed 9 inch pan. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour to set.

Now, go get some patience and REALLY wait for it to set. 

I was fresh out--since it was midnight on Christmas Eve and I was tired...

So, I didn't quite wait long enough...

I took 1 cup sour cream

and added it to my reserved juice...


And, surprisingly VERY tasty... 

Now prepare to pour on top of your "set" fruit mixture...

WAIT... it isn't set yet... that little voice that is telling you "it'll be alright" isn't your friend...

Now see... I told you...

Not so pretty anymore, huh?

Ahh, it'll be alright ;)

A little prettier... but still not what it could have been if you had just waited... no Martha points for you today ;)

Anyhoo, I bet it still tastes pretty yummy...



9 GOODe Thoughts:

I am also glad you found me! Looking forward to seeing recipes you post!! :)

I love jello and will definitely be trying this.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think it looks amazing! Love jello, and red has always been my favorite.

It sounds delicious and your photos are the best!

It sounds delicious and your photos are the best!

I am also glad you found me! Looking forward to seeing recipes you post!! :)

I can imagine this was really tasty! I'd like to make a suggestion (I hope you won't mind). Since you're adding strawberries (which have very little pectin), and also adding pineapple (which has the enzyme bromelain, which actually breaks down gelatin), it would probably be good to additional unflavored gelatin to your recipe. A little cornstarch would also work, although it might make the gelatin a little cloudy. These things will help your dish set faster and more solidly. :)

Thanks so much for the tips Steve!

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