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Friday, January 21, 2011

Caramel Pecan Pie

Oh Dear Reader... You are in for a treat...




Oh my GOOEY GOODeNess...

Now, when I saw this recipe on my list for my Goode & Gooseberry Patch Project, I just knew I was going to heart it... 

However, in an effort to use one of our big family cooking days to check some project recipes off my list, I foolishly thought it would be a great "replacement" recipe for traditional Pecan Pie at our Christmas table...

Now, don't get me wrong... Joan Brochu of Hardwick, VT's version is to die for.

Seriously GOODe.

It is just that this little recipe should be an addition not a replacement. The flavors end up being significantly different enough that you can't say one should be there and the other shouldn't... just sayin'.

Drizzle a little chocolate on this Caramel delight and you are sure to have a turtle-lovers dream, however, the traditional Pecan Pie is a Christmas holiday mainstay in my little Ole opinion.

What this recipe DID do for me was totally show me how easy it is to make something this amazingly GOODe!

Ya start out with 1/4 cup of butter and ya melt 'er up...

Add 1/4 Cup of Milk...

Now for the most awesome idea EVER... ready to melt caramel bits... vs. unwrapping a zillion 36 caramels.

Mix 'er up and melt it down until creamy and then set aside.

Now in a mixing bowl nearby, take 3/4 cup sugar...

Add in 3 eggs

1/4 t Salt

And 1/2-1 t Vanilla. Now mix 'er up...

Now slowly add in your caramel mixture

Fold in 1 cup of Pecan Halves and try to resist taking a taste...

Now take your pie crust (I did a double batch) and pour in the pecan deliciousness...

Bake 'em up at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes--until set.

Note: You may want to watch your crust... if your crust edges are getting a little too toasty, cover with foil to protect from burning... kind of like sun block for pies... For what it is worth, I wouldn't try foil on the beach...just sayin'

Now let that baby cool and prepare yourself for some amazing caramel turtle-esque amazingness. Drizzle with chocolate and whipped cream and yum!

I was too busy enjoying this deliciousness to actually take a pic of the pie all sliced up. I failed you dear reader and for that I am sorry... but have a slice of pie and I am sure you will forget all about it;)



5 GOODe Thoughts:

Yum! That looks so good ...and sweet! Great pie to take to a church fellowship brunch!

My hubby and youngest son love pecan pie. I will be trying this one soon.

This looks amazing. I'm really hoping that when I save this recipe, I do not make it until Thanksgiving. I'm still working at compensating for last year's holiday treats!

I am a new follower to your blog, and the caramel pecan pie looks so decadent I can not wait to try it!

Elizabeth (Goodies by the Pound)

I am a new follower to your blog, and the caramel pecan pie looks so decadent I can not wait to try it!

Elizabeth (Goodies by the Pound)

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