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Friday, March 11, 2011

Totally Random: Dresses, Unmarketing and Housewives, Oh My!

Dear Reader, I apologize for not keeping up with my regular schedule. Truth be told, this mama has been a bit (read: incredibly) tired and I have had a cold to boot. So tonight I thought I would do a random post and try to get back on track.

Images from Japan are just devastating... those poor people. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

The footage of the water in Japan makes me queasy... pretty much like everything else right now... Like playing pitch and catch with Miss Add and Puddie... or standing completely still in the kitchen ;)

I can't believe with all that is going on in the world right now that Mr. Sheen is still taking up prime time space on TV... just sayin'

Miss Add is growing out her hair... per her Daddy's wishes... not sure how long this is going to last though... Miss Add and I might over-rule at some point... citing the Tangles Clause.

I need to get her Easter Dress pronto. I like to go to Penney's when they have their Saturday morning sales... but it just isn't working out with my calendar.

I also need to go bridesmaid dress shopping. I love my sister. Love that she is getting married. Hate to wear dresses though... good news is she says I get to pick it out.

I am reading Scott Stratten's book Unmarketing and I absolutely LOVE it! So smart and so funny and so true.

I love watching the Bravo Real Housewives and I am not sure why... honestly I wouldn't even think about it except that my hubby and sister are so shocked that it is something I can stand let alone enjoy that they have me thinking about why... I am sure there has to be some deep reason, right?

Add made the most beautiful swirly playdoh cake today... I think that girl has baking in her future ;)

We made the mistake of telling Add where we were going on vacation this year... every morning now starts with "Are we going today?!". She even told me today after her nap that she did not want to go to the store with me because she wanted to go on vacation instead!

I keep losing my cell phone charger... and I have like 5 of them... it is beyond ridiculous.

I currently have 8 lbs of ground beef waiting on me to freeze up before I can go to bed... mix 'n chop here I come...


11 GOODe Thoughts:

So sorry that you are tired and under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. I would just put that ground beef in ziplock freezer bags and go to bed!! We always use them way faster than they spoil, so those bags are fast and easy to use.

I'm feelin' for you!
Get some rest this weekend!

hope you are feeling better soon.;0)

I hope you can get a break this weekend to rest and regroup. My vote is for Little Miss Add to keep her CUTE hair just the way it is. That cut is so cute on her. I'm feeling the same way she is, 'Can we leave today on vacation??'

LOVE the mix 'n' chop!
Hang in there w/ the nausea. Morning sickness my keester! I had it all day - at random times and when it was not convenient in the least. Just keep telling yourself, "Crazy hormones means healthy baby. . .".

Thank you so much. I keep telling myself that... in that regard I totally welcome it :)

Today has been just what I needed. I had a work obligation this morning, but thank heavens I was feeling tons better. The rest of the day was me, Miss Add and the park. Miss Add ran off all that energy and mom rested on the bench in the glorious sun. Praise God! Spring is finally here.

I am feeling much better today. Still queasy and pretty tired, but much better now that darn cold is gone!

Thanks. Good seeing you today:) Hope your session went well!

Thanks so much. I am feeling tons better. I got my ground beef all cooked up and in the freezer. So glad that that is done:)

I would love to go shopping with you for Ad's dress and yours. So if you want a tagalong for either, let me know! I'll see if my "boss" will let me have a day off for it. ;) We have amazing parents...just in case anyone was wondering. haha :)

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